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My name is Lulu I have been stalking realself for...

My name is Lulu I have been stalking realself for about a month now and i am soo ready to get this show in the road. I am 20 130lbs 5'2. I want a BBL all this stomache and back fat gone and into my Butt i want a BIG ASS and since i keep seeing the fat disolving i want like 1200ccs in each cheek so some can disolve n itll still be BIG enough to notice &BL because my breasts sag (SAD kuz im only 20). Im definately gonna travel because doctors in my area(TEXAS) arent really good at sculpting and charge too much. really interested in Duran and Okoro. waiting for my quote now from Duran she replied to my email in a timely matter and seems really sweet plus ive seen good work and good reviews None Bad and same for Okoro ive seen good genuine reviews and it seems as though he really cares about his patients and is really upfront and honest. looking to go aug-oct. any ladies wanna go around this time im looking for a partner in crime lol. share rooms ect. to save money. also for support, Ive never had anything more than a SHOT definately no surgery. Im not gonna post pics yet im very popular everywhere but definately will once i get this show on the road. Message me if interested in becoming my buddy.


LADIES ! HOW DID YOU GET OFF WORK ? What did you say ? What did you need ? and How Long ? Do they even allow leave for cosmetic procedures ?

Still Looking for a partner in Crime ! WHATS UP...

Still Looking for a partner in Crime ! WHATS UP Ladies ?! IS ANYONE REAL ON HERE OR WHAT ? : )

Emailed Dr.Cardenas for a quote and the...

Emailed Dr.Cardenas for a quote and the BITCH(Excuse my french) Had the NERVE to tell me the procedure for me would be a tummy tuck. First off they didnt read my msg because they emailed me back questions that i had already said in my msg like my weight and height and all that like wtf(BUT THAT SEEMS TO KEEP HAPPENING AND I DONT LIKE IT I FEEL LIKE I AM JUST A NUMBER WHICH I AM,BUT DAMN CAN I GET NOTICED WTF) so Then She Emails Me Saying I have access skin n I should get a Tummy Tuck and Lipo and Then FT to My Butt. FIRST OFF I AM 19 NO KIDS 5'2 less than 130lbs evenly distributed I AINT GOT NO DAMN ACCESS SKIN. I READ A FEW REVEIWS WHERE THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO THE GIRLS THEY PAID AND GOT THERE AND THEN THE DOCTORS SWITCHED IT UP EITHER THEY ARE NOT GOOD WITH LIPO TO THE STOMACHE/ABDOMIN AND OR EITHER THEY ARE GETTING LAZY TRYNA DO TO MANY IN ONE DAY. LADIES LETS PROTECT EACHOTHER AND POST THIS STUFF BECAUSE IT IS NOT RIGHT THIS IS OUR BODIES AND LIVES AND DOCTORS LIKE THAT DO NOT DESERVE BUSINESS... IM JUST SAYING THIS HAS ME SOOOO UPSET... LATER

Found my doctor

Its so much going on I gotta pay my taxes need to buy a new car debating if im going to drop 10K cash or something brand new kuz im in love with the 2014 new chevy impala right now I have an 08 & love it. Also I want a bmw or 350Z. Decisions Decisions. And im starting school in October so Im Thinking should I do my surgery before ? Ill propably have to ugh... Oh ill have to quit my job to go because my job wont let me off I dnt have enough vacation time for that long. Idk omg im so stressed right now. I DECIDED TO GO WITH YVELISE BELLO GREAT PRICE SHE CALLED ME TODAY AND WAS SO NICE IM GETTING BBL&BA

Staying down with Bello

Staying down with My Doctor Yvelise Bello. havent sent in deposit yet because of all the stuff going on. but I Will. Told my sisters about my surgery and they were like wth lol. I dont think they think im seriouse i was like " Im gonna have this surgery they gonna lipo my stomache and put it in my butt" and my little sister was like "that makes since they might as well use that fat and put it some where" and everybody laughed lol. and i told them about going to the dr and they were like how ima work and I was telling them ima stand up and my sister was telling me i can sit onmy knees. and they were asking me how ima drive and i was like ima ride the bus every day lol. and stand up. Tried to tell boyfriend about it and he was totally against it. He said he felt bad that i felt bad. and started telling me i look pretty everyday and stuff smh... and then we broke up... Havent told my mom she will go crazy and be like "YOU DONT DO THAT TO YOUR BODY YOU COULD DIE BE HAPPY HOW YOU ARE YOU LOOK GOOD" and blahblah. My best friend knows and shes real cool with it, she even said shes gonna try and save up for her plane ticket to come with me. I wanna tell my mom would really like some more support ! Im so anxiouse ! but scared ! Ive never had surgery before... what if i die... tryna get a big booty and flat stomache : / sad face. but I need this...

I am back & currently searching for a DR

Didnt get sx in 2013 so This will be my first BBL. Im 23 now & I had a baby, gained 40lbs Im 160lbs now and 5'2. I was reading my past reviews and boy have i matured lmbo. anyway I was interested in Dr mallol at first I didnt like how they weren't really responding to me and maybe it was my fault I did everything in a hurry. I put my deposit down and chose Dec 7th as the date. Then searching on IG I saw some of his before and afters on another Drs page. That scared me. I decided maybe I should stay in the US or maybe I should go to a different Dr. Either way Im out of 250$ Smh Im taking my time this time. Was looking at Dr Ghurani at Spectrum but Everytime I called I got hung up on I sent an Inquire on the website and never heard back like Damn you'd think I did something to them. Also, I was looking into Dr Alvarez but just wasnt sure If he;d be able to give me the results I desire Im looking for a Dr really good with Stomache and Back fat I want a flat stomache and Smoothe back. Any suggestions ladies Let me know. Also, a BBl buddy would be nice??

Dr LLorente

I decided to go with dr llorente just paid my deposit


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