Two Infections in a Row

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I received a Breast Lift and Augmentation 10/08. I...

I received a Breast Lift and Augmentation 10/08. I contracted a severe infection in my left breast. The implant has to be removed to be removed. I waited 5 Months to get my breast done again. It was done 4/3/09. Again I contracted an infection. I don't understand what is happening.

My right breast is perfect. I am not a smoker, I am healthy. My Dr had cultures taken and tested and all the bacteria before the new implant came back negative. I do live in a smaller town. Maybe they have never experienced this before. My PS has had only 3 breast infected patients in 28 years of his experience.

Could I just carry a rare bacteria that rejects? Please help, I only have 1 breast a DD and barley a B.

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