40 Year Old- Quest for Skin Rejuvenation - Tustin, CA

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I hav been using retin-a 0,025 daily for around 30...

I hav been using retin-a 0,025 daily for around 30 days now.
I tried it over my neck too but the skin was way too itchy.
Anyway, today I have decided to use it every other day since my skin has become hyper sensitive. I don;t use powder but blush brush strokes feel gravely, which I believe says it is a good idea I slow down. Don't need to rush anywhere.

Finished 0.025, began 0.05

I guess every other day may be too frequent. I'll try it 3 times a week.
Im using 50 spf now besides.
Important question, are you ladies using regular anti aging creams at night in between?
I tried last night and felt itchy even though it is a simple loreal from a drugstore.

Good bye to tretinoins

I only used 0.05 twice a week, and each time I went Crimson and nasty. Yesterday I applied 0.1 gel and I look like Hannibal Lecter. Capillaries are more than very visible. I hope that they will calm down substantially. Anyway, I've decided to or use tretinoins anymore. To treat broken capillaries if they go worse will cost me a fortune, which
a. makes no sense
b.scares me, I have read lasers cause fat loss, and it's the last thing I'd like to lose.
Hope your journey is better than mine!

0.1% tretinoins for body , May 9, 24

Since I bought a batch of 0.1% tretinoins, which is too strong for my face, I have decided to use it on my body.
I applied it over my legs, hands, buttocks on May 9th for the first time, and around 10 days later I started to peel substantially with huge patches of skin ( around 5cmx5 cm) flaking off . I repeated the procedure again on May 24, and look forward to finding out when it starts to work. When it does, I will report it.
Since I still have 0.05 tretinoin cream at home, I use it once a week for the face.

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