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I have been waiting for a year to do this surgery,...

I have been waiting for a year to do this surgery, was having issues with my insurance paying and finally got them to decide to pay after months of nagging and calling, My back has gotten so bad that sometimes when I bend down it is hard to come back up. As time is getting nearer I have found myself again reading and watching alot of videos and seeing alot of photos. Only problem I have is I asked my surgeon to go down to A 34C, currently a 34E, and he is saying that it would be best to go down to a D size, I am really kind of worried about that, I feel like if he aims smaller, then I would be fine. When I go to the pre-op I hope I can change that with him.

Shopping for a Surigical Bra

I spoke to a nurse from my hospital yesterday, and was informed that I had to purchase my own bra, I don't even know where to begin, because I thought that this bra was provided after surgery. .I am here looking on Ebay, for something and fast as my date is 2 weeks ago, and being in the Islands something like this will have to be shipped to me.

11 More Days

Just reading reviews and viewing pictures and hoping all goes well. My Pre-op is this week, so I will give an update about that, once I go and come back.

5 More Days

Time is getting nearer, and I still cant find my camera, and now it seems as though my phone was stolen in the mail. So I will possibly be posting pictures backwards because the doctor will do before and after, I wanted tome photo in clothes so i can tell if there is an apparent difference. I did my Preop on Tuesday, and my surgery was pushed up two days. Which is ok for me, the sooner the better once they get it done and done well. I have been having very bad pains this week.

On the Other Side

Where do I start, Surgery was yesterday, went to the hospital for 7:30am. By 8 30 PS, came in and marked me up , in his markings he was varying the size, said do I want oranges or pineapples, I found that to be a bit funny, and I told him I wanted to be on the smaller side, because I wanted to play sports, which I wasn't able to do since high school because of my breasts weight. He used stencils and took his photos, and then compared them to make sure they was as even as possible. By 9 45 was in theater, cause there was a patient with a minor surgery in front of me. I came out of surgery maybe about 12:45pm, I was on my way home by 2:00pm. Upon getting out of the car I was extremely dizzy and was taken straight to my bed. When I attempted to get up 2 hours later to use the restroom, coming out of the restroom I fainted and fell. I screamed for help. It was so traumatizing . My mom then put me back in bed, and I went to sleep, At one point I felt pretty nauseated and could not eat, only took my medicine. At 12pm I was finally able to walk to the bathroom with minimal dizziness. As for my breasts they look very small. I don't know how small as yet, I have not seen them, can only see the bandages and the bandages are pretty small. My post op is Friday, will update again at that point. I am still in pain somewhat. The PS suggested about a week off, but I told him I need at least 2 weeks with my work and he said ok when he checks me out on Friday he will let me know.

8 Days Post Op

Yesterday around my nipple area, I started to get bleeding and a little pus coming from out the area. I have seen gone to seen the Doctor here, and they put me on some antibiotics, and I am cleaning the area with peroxide to make sure I avoid infecting the area. Its a very small hole and the second day of bleeding, the bleeding is not consistent and goes in and out of time. The doctor say its normal but I must keep a close eye on it, Anyone else experienced this after surgery? Pictures will be uploaded by next week of the journey.

Photos Before

Front View

First Day Back to Work

After having two weeks away from work, I am back to work, actually tomorrow would make two weeks but the Doctor filled out the SickNote incorrect, so I have two sick notes, one for insurance and one that I had to give my boss in the first 3 days of being absent. However, at work is slow today so its pretty much fine with me, still feels like I am home resting. I am not sure that I am rid of all my back pain as yet, I may still need to get some things snap back in place, where the back has been bruised and out of place for so long. Yeah I know that sucks. Not sure yet when I can go back into exercising because I still get a little weak from walking too long, I really don't know what that is about. I am still on some infection medication(precaution) and hope everything continues to go well.
Dr. Nelson Goldberg

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