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Hi guys!, I have been reading a lot of reviews...

Hi guys!,

I have been reading a lot of reviews and comments on here for a while and have finally come to a decision. I have decided to go with Comfort Zone in Turkey for my Fat Transfer with Dr Mete Aksu. I read a lot of negative comments regarding butt implants where he used breast implants on a patients however i am definitely sticking to the fat transfer.

I ideally i wanted to get 700cc into each butt but after sending my photo's to engine she said i mite be to small so mite try gain some weight.
I am looking to do my procedure in October which i Know is a long way away but its the only time i can take a real break from work plus at least than it allows me more time to research and be 100% sure.
Engine claims that I will be able to sit after the surgery and won't be in much pain so i am hoping that me traveling back on a 4hour flight 5 days after should be okay.

unfortunately i am going alone which makes this even more scary as recently on the news there has been stories about bootleg butt injections done so I am praying that mine goes okay.
I will try and upload pictures of myself and my wish pics however, if anyone has any comments or tips regarding the surgery or clinic chosen please comment as i keen to hear. xxxxxx


Hi everyone,

since posting my previous review a lot has changed.
I had a baby and was awaiting for my c section to heal in time for surgery which meant i had to rebook everything. I have changed to Europe Surgery as my friend went their last year June for her Liposuction and had such amazing results. Plus Poland is also closer to London which means the flight is quicker.

I am booked in for Liposuction to my stomach area and a Fat transfer from there to my bum area. I am quite unevenly shaped and much heavier on top so i hope they can even out my body shape when they add the fat from my stomach to my bum.
My surgery is booked for next week FRIDAY THE 19TH OF FEBRUARY!
I am really scared as i am going alone but i am trying to stay positive.

I am due to arrive on the 18th so will have the night to reflect on the surgery the following day. So far the Europe Surgery have been extremely helpful and answered all my question. I am just hoping and praying all goes well and i am happy with my results.

Hopefully i can post some pictures up so you can see before and after. If anyone has had the same procedure at Europe surgery please let me know.

Thank you. :-)

Arrived in Poland


I just got to Poland not to long ago and currently in my hotel. The cab driver was so Agilent considering my flight was 40mims behind schedule. He drove me to my hotel and will be picking me up tomorrow morning to ring me to the clinic.

I am very nervous and anxious for tomorrow but also some what excited. I'm just praying everything goes well. I will try and take pictures tomorrow morning before my procedure so that you can see the results.????

Before my op

Below are before pictures

3days after op

Below are the result from my Liposuction to my flanks/sides

I did not do my stomach as I was advised due to having a few stretch marks on their it was a possibility that my skin could say on that area after Lipo. I also could not do the fat transfer to my bum as I did not have enough fat to put in. Martha advised me to do my flanks in order to achieve more curves. I will have to loose weight at the front of my stomach the hard way with exercise however I am considering doing laser Lipo to my stomach when I get back.

She advised me to either consider gaining more weight or to Come back and remove fat from my thighs as my top body is to small to graft out as much fat as desired.

Although the results are not dramatic I am very impressed with the minor but definite improvement on my shape.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.
Dr Mete Aksu


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