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I am now 51 years old and have finally gotten up...

I am now 51 years old and have finally gotten up enough courage to go in for a revision TT and even though I will be having lipo and a flankplasty I will be so happy to be able to look at myself again. Seven years ago I worked for a plastic surgeon who by all accounts did great work, I wanted a tummy tuck so bad so he said he would do it for me. I was scared but hey, free tummy tuck was awesome and I went for it. I was in surgery for over four hours because I had a hernia that he decided to fix, I woke up during surgery which was horrible but I don't remember much but I did remember it when I came to in the recovery room and he got really mad at me and said I was crazy but the nurses said I did wake up, That was just the beginning of my nightmare. The next day my lower stomach turned black and started going out away from my stitch line, I had skin necrosis, turned out to be a year long battle and two surgeries later finally fixed but I have a rather large scar. This doctor fired me two weeks after my surgery because he said I would be a detriment to his practice but he did pay me until I was able to find another job. Guess it could have been worse but I just want to say, I have found a wonderful PS and he has been a true blessing to myself and my family. He will be finishing up on my tummy on March 7, 2012 and I cannot wait, so far it looks great and I am proud. Search your PS out really good, if I had I would have found out that I was not the only one that ended up like this and yes, I did work for him but only for a few months before all of this. Just goes to show you never just place your trust in just anyone..

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