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After getting lipo (being 20 lb overweight), I was...

After getting lipo (being 20 lb overweight), I was unhappy with the results -- way too much fat left.  I already knew I'd probably need a tummy tuck (TT) after it, since I was 65, & told the lipo guy that, but he still didn't take enough fat off.  The lipo guy is NOT the same as the TT guy.

I found a great plastic surgeon in Federal Way WA.  He shaped me really nicely, although there's still some fatty flash sticking out over the scar, the end of the scar on one side is poochy, and he didn't think (and he still doesn't, but I think he's wrong) that he could have made me a better waist on the left side.  I have practically none.

We had already planned that he would lift my sides (flanks) after I healed from the TT.  I haven't had it done yet, but I'm hoping he'll re-tuck the skin above the scar & give me a smooth scar-end (this is in the curve of my right hip -- right where I'm supposed to look fetching), and pull the skin up that's at my waist (in my opinion he left too much fat there -- he says there's no fat there, that it's my muscle -- so how come I can bunch up skin 2" thick, huh?).  His price for the side lift plus autologous fat in my (face) cheeks and something he'll do to my chin is WAY less than I expected -- under $10K.  I'm still in shock over his quote (but I still have it in case he says it's more).  I guess he gives repeat customers a real break.

I would recommend this doctor for body work.  He also does everything else.  Oh -- It took me a full month to feel right after the TT, my body must have interpreted it as an auto accident.  But I was 65.  It takes longer to heal when you're older.

The end result is that I'm not nearly as hippy as most women my age.  My body looks (in clothes) like I'm in my 30's.

Kirkland Plastic Surgeon

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