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Well hello everyone!!! Would like to start by...

Well hello everyone!!! Would like to start by saying I am so glad I found this website :)

So let me tell you a little bit about myself; I am 29 years old with 3 boys (ages 12, 8 & 1) been married for almost a decade. I am 5’ 3” currently 122lbs, not overweight however the damages from pregnancy are definitely visible (no matter how much weight I lose the saggy belly wont go away)…

Pregnancy recaps….Gained around 50lbs during my first pregnancy (needless to say it did a number on my belly). This is when I first discovered the ugly sight of stretch marks…..UGLY is an understatement. Lost all the weight then 4 years later had my second child, this time around I was a lot more careful with my diet and only gained 25lbs (no additional damages were done to my body) …Fast forward to my last baby , with the excuse of “this is my last pregnancy” lord did I eat!!! At my last doctor’s appointment I weighed in at 175lbs which for my height and body structure it’s A LOT of weight to carry around…so the once bothersome stretch marks were stretched even more, and now that I am DONE having babies I am ready to say “bye bye” to the tiger scratches (as my 8 year old calls them) and “bye bye” to the saggy skin.

I know I will still have some stretch marks after the tummy tuck and I am OK with that….After reading so many stories and looking at endless before and after pictures I am trying to prepare myself mentally with realistic expectations...:)

I am planning on having the TT early 2012, have yet to select my PS so if anyone can suggest a doctor in South Florida I would greatly appreciate it! I will be making appointments very soon for my consultations ~ so excited! Will also be posting my before pics soon :)

Thinking of my first consultation is a little...

thinking of my first consultation is a little scary...being naked and having a stranger mark me up makes me nervous considering this is something ive hidden so long......any suggestions on how to deal with this? how was your first consultation baring it all?
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