Tummy Tuck Plus

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I had a tummy tuck plus upper and lower eyelids,...

I had a tummy tuck plus upper and lower eyelids, browlift, chin implant and mid face lift on 3/12...7 days ago.  I am very pleased with my results at this point and am looking forward to continued improvement in my appearance. 

The first two days were uncomfortable, with my facial procedures being much more painful than the tummy tuck.  It took about 5 days for me to stand straight and sleeping flat is still a little uncomfortable, but it gets better each day.  I'm 54, 5' 7" and weigh 152 lbs.  I've had two C-sections and an abdominal hysterectomy so the sore stomach muscles weren't foreign to me.  It is wonderful to be rid of the scars, stretchmarks and belly fat that had plagued me for 34 years. 

My doctor does not required any type of compression garment so I haven't had that to deal with.  I also only have one drain that will be removed on Monday, 3/23....what a relief that will be!  I plan to go back to work on Tuesday, 3/24 if everything goes well.  My face is still swollen, bruised and sore but that's another story.

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