Tummy Tuck – It Takes Years... but It Will Pay off

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I had my abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) two years ago...

I had my abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) two years ago. This is how long it took to really like what I got. I’ve only spoke out about it recently but now you’ll see me everywhere! I love it! I had not just flabby skin but hanging skin, my “belly curtain” (you girls know what I mean)! The tummy tuck did fix all this but it was slow going at first. I had swelling that made me look worse for a month and residual swelling for 15 months. After that I started getting motivated to look even better; the surgery had helped but I helped myself too. I wish more TT women would do this. Your PS can get you so far but if you don’t believe in yourself then it’s no good. So you know, you won’t really lose weight. My PS told me this and I didn’t believe him but it is true. The difference is that the skin is gone. That weighed a little but it’s not hanging anymore. You’re not taking weight off unless you get lipo and even then it’s minimal. But the results are drastic. My words of wisdom: Time is the single most important thing. I’ve seen people go in with all levels of expectations but they regret it if they expect to be better in a few weeks or months. Tummy tuck recovery takes MINIMUM one year. Now some say that’s good and worth changing your look potentially forever but some aren’t ready for this. But get it done, exercise, eat right and you’ll be fine - simple but true. I’m thrilled with mine.
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