Tummy Tuck to Get Rid of Pregnancy Pooch

My tummy tuck was slow going and difficult at...

My tummy tuck was slow going and difficult at first but I’m very glad I did it. The whole idea started three years ago. My husband and I had made the decision not to have any more children (we have three beautiful boys already, aged 2, 3 and 5) and we were talking about tubal ligation. I joked that if they were going to do surgery down there then I wanted them to take the excess skin away too. My husband chimed in and was supportive of this idea even though I was only half-serious at first. Once we had looked into it further I was keener on the idea and we saved up for the tummy tuck. I finally had my surgery last March. Initially I regretted it. I saw it as something we had spent a lot of money on and it was very hard at first. I got an infection in the wound and had to go to hospital in the middle of the night. Also, I healed very slowly and I was immobile for much of that spring. I couldn’t do anything, especially the things I once enjoyed like playing with my boys. If they asked me to pick them up I had to say no. I felt awful about what I’d done. Now I feel completely different. The results are stunning and I couldn’t be happier. The scar is even and very nicely done. I have no more pain, no numbness and the follow-up to take care of the dog-ear flaps was easy. The initial healing period threw me for a loop but now I am much happier about my tummy tuck and would recommend it to any woman who wants to get rid of her pregnancy pooch too.
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