Tummy Tuck Complications

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I had a very floppy belly from years of yo-yo...

I had a very floppy belly from years of yo-yo dieting and from my Mother's genes. I was also 25 lbs. overweight. Three years ago, at 65, I had a full abdominoplasty. Though I had an excellent surgeon, I had tissue die-off at the suture line which resulted in a second surgery. Now I have a lemon-sized unsightly scar which has been revised with not great results. Still, it was worth the trauma as my pendulous belly is gone. I do hate my belly-button, however, as it's about three inches lower than normal. Were I younger, I would be horrified. Also, it is round and ugly. My pubic area reminds me of a small udder but I don't have the funds for lipo at this time in my life. Another surprise. The numbness around the center of my tuck is, and will always be, numb. I haven't yet gotten accustomed to it but......... A word of caution here. After the tuck I gained ten pounds. Now I have a flat lower abdomen and a protruberant upper abdomen. Not a good look and am back on the road to healthy eating. My advice to anyone contemplating a tummy tuck is to lose the weight first.

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He is board-certified in plastic surgery, has 25 years experience and enjoys a good reputation. He took excellent care of me during all my complications.

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