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Hello, I have to admit I was scared of the pain...


I have to admit I was scared of the pain when I first decided to have my surgery.  I have 3 kids - two of them are twins.  My stomach looked horrible!  Lots of loose skin below and above my belly button.  After my surgery, I have a super flat stomach.  I also had my stomach muscles reconstructed.  After the twins, mine were torn and my doctor suggested we fix the tears to help the stomach look for defined.  I looked great after my surgery!  I had no feeling or was over sensative in some areas but today, 4 years later this July... I have feeling back and still love my stomach. 

The pain pump was so worth the extra money!  I was still in quite a bit of pain but by no means as bad as some people have stated.  I expected to be in alot of pain though.  I think my biggest issue was the back pain I had from sleeping in a somewhat sitting position.  The pain was bearable in my back but I had some back issues before hand too. This surgery is not for those with a low pain tolerance! 

As for the scar, it is big but mine has somewhat faded and I could care less!  I feel good and I'm wearing my bikini which I had not worn since having kids! 

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