MAY 25 2010 - 19 Year Old Mom of 2 Preparing for Tummy Tuck

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I have 2 kids my youngest 6 months old. Im all...

I have 2 kids my youngest 6 months old. Im all done having kids and i want my old self back im young.. 19 years old and im preparing myself for my 1st tummy tuck and i hope my last lol! i will keep you all updated im so excited to get it done i cant wait to get it over and summer i i come!!!

Updated on May 31, 2010:

2 kids and these are my before and after i will add more after im out of my binder.. but its worth every cent to me

Updated on June 1, 2010:

im wearing pants i never could fit right before i feel so good in them and a tummy tuck is worth every cent. before i went threw with a tummy tuck i wondered how much will come off me and what will my skin look like... after having 2 kids c-cection my scar is lower my skin is beautiful and tight and so is my tummy not a pinch of fat on it, however in the 1 week pics im still very swollen and yes i have to wear a binder for 3 weeks, 2 more weeks to gooo!!!!!!!!!! and then ill be working doing yoga and bowflex for cardio ill be walking or swimming, after a tummy tuck working out your core and you will get the best results! i know it..

Dr. Balbir Singh

So far i say yes his nurses are very helpful.. i sent in pictures to him!! and im going to meet him the very next day is the big day.. i know you all think im crazy but his tummy tuck reveiws are amazing and ive seen his work.. so im very sure

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