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I'm 25 years old, 5'2", and 145 lbs. Before I had...

I'm 25 years old, 5'2", and 145 lbs. Before I had my baby I was 127lbs. I had to get an emergency c section 2 years ago which left me with an awkward scar that caused any excess skin or fat to hang over. I was sick and tired of not having the body I used to have so I decided to get a scar revision and lipo. I initially was working out 5 days a week and it helped but once I got busy and didn't have time to work out I gained the weight back immediately. I had my consultation in June and was quoted $6400 for the whole thing. $4600 for full abs and c section scar revision and $1800 for upper arms. I had my pre op appointment on July 6th to answer questionaires and get my prescriptions. I was prescribed bactrim for infection prevention, promethazine, halcion for sedation, and percocet. (I'm a pharmacist so I'm very familiar with meds) I had my surgery on July 19th. They had me take 2 halcion and 2 percocets and then I had to change into disposable paper panties and wear a robe. They had me lay down for about 20 min and then the doctor came in and marked me. After that I laid back down but because I still wasn't asleep they had to give me an iv of propofol. Once that happened i didn't remember anything else. The next thing I knew, i woke up and already had my compression garments on and they told me they were finished. (I had to purchase my own garments) My appointment was at 8am. They didn't start until 9am and finished around 115pm. I was sore but it wasn't that painful. Kind of like working out too hard at the gym. I was worried about the scar revision but it was the least painful part. My c section hurt much worse. I've been taking my percocets around the clock, 1 every 4 hours. I'm able to function and walk around like normal. They told me they took off 4 liters, most of it was from my stomach. In a way I kinda wish I was awake for some of it just to see what they were doing. But I can tell I have immediate results. My stomach is completely flat under the garment and my husband was very impressed with the results. I did leak as bad as they said I would. I placed a pee pad underneath and this morning there was no leakage. I'm very swollen in my arms so I haven't taken any photos. My arms are probably bigger than what I started with but it's from swelling for sure. I'm not sure how many incisions he used because I haven't taken off my garments yet. My upper abs no longer have a thick layer of fat. I can actually feel my rib cage. My stomach feels so flat! I was pretty loopy yesterday from the sedation. But I'm ok now. This morning I was extremely sore because I was too lazy to take a percocet in the middle of the night but I took one this morning and I feel great I'm walking around normally like nothing ever happened. I'm amazed that my recovery was not as bad as what others have described about theirs. My post op appointment is on the 26th so we will see what the doctor has to say. I don't have any pics of me outside of my garment yet. But I will post some after I've healed more. For now I have one with my garment on. My stomach is so flat I dont even have to suck in my gut anymore!

Post op day 2

Here's a pic of my stomach with the c section scar revision

Post op day 3

So far, I wake up in the mornings feeling pretty stiff, but after taking a percocet I am able to move around. Today I am able to take them every 6 hours now instead of 4. I bought a second compression garment so I could wash the other one. I purchased mine on amazon in a size large. For a large idk why it's so hard to get on. It's extremely tight. It was harder for me to get my garment off today than yesterday. I was more tender around my whole abdomen region today that it was a struggle to put the clean garment on. The compression sleeve are the easiest to take off and on. I've been showering with hibiclens antibacterial cleanser and cleaning my incisions. I have a total of 4 incisions, aside from my c section scar revision. There is one incision in each arm that is closed with a single stitch. I believe the stitches are dissolvable and dissolve in 2 weeks. I have 2 incisions for my abdomen, one on each side of my c section scar so they won't be visible with underwear on. I measured my waist today and it is 31" around. Before the surgery I was at 35". Im still not where I used to be by any means. Before having my daughter my waist was 27". The circumference of my arm is 12.5" I think before this they were 14". I noticed the least amount of change in my arms compared to the other areas. But I noticed today that I didn't have bat wings. I have a body fat percentage monitor that I want to test out. I doubt I changed in my composition in weight but I'm curious about my fat ratio. When i first started working out my fat percentage was at 30%. I know these things are super accurate, but it gives you a good idea. My reading said I was 24.9% body fat. I think that number will keep improving with the change in my diet as well. I also have this really huge bruise on my hip, but not much bruising elsewhere. I included another comparison photo today with and without garment and photos of my arm incisions. I still have a little belly pooch, but I hope that improves since it is completely flat with the garment on. I've also included a photo with clothes on because at least I look good in them lol

Post op day 4

Today I woke up really stiff and sore, but as soon as I took a percocet and it kicked in there was almost instant relief. I've been able to taper down my doses to 1 every 6 hours since the pain has started to become more tolerable. I was really swollen this morning, more swollen than before. I called the doctor's office to request another prescription because I only have enough doses to last til Saturday and I think I will be in significant pain for the full week. I will update with more pics later. I measured my waist again yesterday and it was down to 30" which is almost close to where I used to be. I don't know if I can get down to 26" like I was when I was 18 lol

Post op day 6

So not a whole lot of changes so far. I'm not waking up as painful as before so the pain is starting to be better, but not like it was ever that bad. However, I did develop this painful spot above my hip. If I bend too abruptly it feels like a sharp burning pain. I would say it's like 8 out of 10 pain wise when that happens. And it does hurt when I put pressure on it so I don't know what it is. I'm going to bring it up at my follow up but it could just be a side effect from the procedure. I'm hoping my lower abs retract when I'm done healing. There is still a little pooch. I had a few minor stretch marks from my pregnancy near my scar, but nothing else. I was just hoping a scar revision and lipo could help me out vs getting a tummy tuck which is much harder to recover from and a much larger scar

Follow up appointment

I had my first follow up appointment today. The nurse practitioner cut out my stitches and was able to answer some of my questions about the surgery since I didn't get to see it happen. She said the doctor did the lipo first and then the scar revision. They removed a total of 250 CC's of fluid from both arms but only about 100 cc of fat from each arm. There was 3 liters of fluid removed from my abdomen, 2 liters of it was fat. And when he cut off my c section scar, he also cut off an extra inch or so of skin because he told me he would tighten my skin for me. So I don't have to worry about any hang. They said I can schedule my lymphatic massages next week. My lipo included 4 massages and laser treatments for skin tightening. So that was nice to know that they really care about getting you nice results. I bought a lipo board and I'm going to try to see if I can get my lower stomach to go flat faster. But I can tell my slim looks smoother compared to day 3. I'm going back next week because I got this weird rash on my lower stomach and used some hydrocortisone cream on it and it turned to this bruised color the next day. The nurse thinks it's bruising, but I think it's discoloration because it's uniform in color and it's the exact shape as my rash. So we will see if it fades next week.

Struggles with swelling and garment

I'm in a love/hate relationship with my garments. They really help with the pain from swelling, but it gets so uncomfortable and tight to sleep in at night. It drives me nuts!!! I can't wait til I can just wear them half of the time. It's definitely a catch 22. The nerve pain on my hip seems to be getting worse. When I'm out of my garment, it hurts much worse and anything that touches that spot agitates it and if I move on that side it agitates it. It hurts so much worse than the soreness from the lipo. It's an intense burning, stinging pain, like a hot knife boring into you. It goes away after a few seconds, but omg it hurts. And since it's a nerve pain, percocet does not touch it because opiates act on different receptors. The only thing that can be used to treat nerve pain is either gabapentin or Lyrica, but I'm not sure if they are effective with nerve pain caused by liposuction. It's not something we run into daily. The doctor's office told me it would go away with time. But it hurts so much I want to cry when i move on it wrong. When I'm in my garment it doesn't hurt so badly. I think it's the swelling that's been making it worse. Either way, I think my results I'm getting makes it worth it. I noticed in the mirror that I have a more defined hour glass figure now. So I'm posting up a few new pics. I like to include a side by side comparison, because it's annoying to flip back to the before pic to see the difference. My discolored rash still hasn't faded, which is why I have to go back into the office next week for them to check on it. I also started using silicone gel strips to reduce scarring. I don't know if they will work, but it doesn't hurt to try. I also took some pictures of my arms. There's no longer a small bat wing hanging off my arms. I think my arms haven't had the least amount of change compared to my stomach, but my arms have been extremely swollen. Once the swelling goes down, I can picture what my arms will look like. There's a lot of potential. As you will see in the photos, I had very little bruising on my arms. I'm excited to go back to the gym when I'm given the ok. Now that the swelling on my hips have gone down, I just measured them this morning and they have gone down to 36 inches. Before the surgery they were 38 inches. My waist is still 31 inches without wearing the garment.

Post op day 13

My pain level has finally dipped down to where I can just manage on tylenol or ibuprofen. The dark patch does not look like it has faded whatsoever. My follow up is on Wednesday so I'm going to just ask if they can do laser treatments to lighten it. Idk what else to do. Even if it did fade on its own there's no telling how long or if it will. It didn't happen until that nurse practitioner told me to put hydrocortisone on that rash. I'm wishing I never listened.

Post op day 15

I noticed I'm no longer in pain where I need to take any ibuprofen or tylenol. I went in for my follow up today. The discoloration hasnt faded at all. They said I would get laser treatments for it once everything is done. I've scheduled my ultrasonic massage treatments for next week to help reduce the hardness that's developed in my skin. I think my pooch is starting to shrink. I'm still swollen so I'm still nervous about what my final result will be.

3 weeks post op

Today marks 3 weeks since my procedure. I have been getting a lot of compliments and I have dropped another inch off my waist making it 30 inches. My hips are sitting at 35 inches. My pooch I had is getting flatter and doesn't hang over my scar like it did at first. I had my first triactive treatment yesterday. It was weird lol but it didn't hurt. The darkening on my skin is getting better sort of. They are saying it was due to my skin type that the trauma caused it. They said I could use porcelana and glycolic peels to speed up the recovery because apparently it will go away but it takes a long time. I'm starting to really love my results overall. It makes me regret not paying the extra $600 for my bra rolls

3 weeks comparison

Here are some more comparison pics to see side by side of the front view. It took a while to see a difference in the front vs the side view

More comparison pics

The pooch is definitely shrinking. I'm starting to look awesome in clothes. There is a difference in my arms, but it's not as dramatic as my stomach. I still wish I had my bra rolls done :( so mad at myself!!!!

Day 24

So my waist is now 29.5" the xl garment is now too loose. The large that I also have is starting to feel too loose. Still sad about not getting my bra rolls done. But I have other areas I want to worry about lol my mom is finally noticing that I've slimmed up but she thinks it's because I've been working out. I have been going to the gym the past few days. The first week I had the lipo done she still was calling me fat. If you didn't know Asian people have no filter. No one in my family knows I got this done. And no one has ever gotten suspicious. They just think I lost weight working out. Still a little uneven but can't complain. I saw my doctor when I was getting another triactive treatment yesterday. I was asking about chin lipo because I've been wanting a more defined jaw line which I've never had even when I was smaller. I originally got a quote elsewhere for cool sculpting and their price was $2300. He said he would do the smart lipo for $1800. Sweet deal compared the more expensive rate I got and more immediate results. But then he suggested I get a chin implant to straighten my profile. I had never thought about that before but I did notice the area he was pointing out and it would make me look more feminine because my chin is a little recessed. He quoted me for $3450 if I decided to do it. But if I chose to do the lipo alone and later get the implant it would be another $2750. My only issue is somehow covering it up...I was able to get away with the full body lipo. He said I would have to wear the head garment for 2 days and then just half day for like a week or something. And he said I would have some tape under my chin. The recovery time is about 5 days to a week for this procedure so much less time than body lipo. I'm just not sure how I would get away with it since I still live at home with my parents. The doctor said it would be a subtle difference where people would notice I looked better but wouldn't be able to say why. Anyone have any ideas? I did lock myself in my room the majority of my harder recovery with my body lipo and no one bothered me. My mom works night shift Fri to Sunday and sleeps in on Mondays. The office said I could do it on a Friday at 2pm meaning he wouldn't start til 3, and probably be done by 5pm since each process takes an hour. My mom leaves for work about 530. I think i might just have to ask what her plans are next month since I'll be working an hr away from home and technically wouldn't be home until around 6pm. Ugh idk. I don't want to become someone obsessed with surgeries and stuff, but I did have a lot of things on my list that I wanted to fix little by little. I got the big one off my list and my jawline was next, and then breast lift and implant. I think at the end if I haven't worked off that bra fat I will get that part done too. But that's seriously all I wanted done. I didn't bring any of this up to my husband because he would be unsupportive. I told him how later down the road I wanted a boob job and he just flipped out about how I was fine the way I was etc. But I'm not happy with them like I used to be since they're not as perky since having my daughter. So idk. I don't really have much of a support system which makes me upset that my husband can't understand me.

1 month post op

The discoloration is starting to get a lot lighter so I can almost enjoy my results. I am still swollen especially the lower part of my stomach, but I do think I've come a long way. The pooch is slowly flattening. I hope I will still see changes until 3 months. I'm happy to answer any questions if anyone needs any help.

5 weeks post op

I stood on a scale for the first time in a month I have lost 10lbs and haven't done very much lol. I'm definitely not fully healed but I'm loving my new shape. The results from my arms are starting to show as well.

6 weeks post

Well the discoloration has faded but it's not back to my normal skin tone yet but it looks better than it did a month ago. I still feel swollen and sore. I hope I continue to have improvement. I've already lost 10 lbs and feel great in clothes. I just don't feel comfortable with how I look naked quite yet. I created a timeliness so you guys could see the transformation lol

7 weeks post op

Physically, change has been a little slow. I have been monitoring my weight and I've been gradually losing weight without changing much of my diet and doing moderate exercise 3 to 4 days a week. So far since the surgery, I have lost almost 13 lbs. I hope I continue to see improvement in the next few months


So, I showed up to the appointment on time. But the nurses were so behind. When I got back to the room they had me change into this robe and took before pics. I took 2 percocets, 2 halcion, and 1 promethazine. They had trouble putting the Iv line and ended up putting it in my hand. I never remember when they give the propofol. Anyway, after the procedure they woke me up. I asked the nurse if the doctor did do lipo on my chin because I couldn't tell. Then when I saw the doctor he said that he did lipo a few places but he didn't want to be aggressive. I still don't know if he did any lipo at all. On top of that I needed a medical release for school and they never gave me one. And my husband rushed me to leave. I was so livid. I texted the doctor about needing the medical release and where he did all the lipo if at hall. He texted back and said he would call me tomorrow. So we will see. I'm going to demand the lipo if he didn't do it seeing how I PAID for the lipo. He told me the lipo would be $1800 and if I decided to do the implant later it works $2450. And if I chose to do both at once it would be $3450. So I want answers or a refund for the portion if I didn't get lipo at all. I guess I will contact the doctor about it because I either want my money back or lipo

3 months post

It feels like forever since I last updated my review. I forget that I'm still healing from the procedure sometimes and that I need to wait 6 months to really assess my results. I still have some residual swelling especially on the side i had some nerve injury. Overall I'm happy with my results. The texture of my skin has improved and is not wrinkly anymore. I can now wear a size 4 dress pants. As a reference I used to wear size 8 to 10. And I'm now fitting into a size 6 dress whereas before I was wearing a size 10. I'm not sure if I've changed a lot from 2 months to 3 months, but hopefully there has been some improvement.

5 months post op

Sorry its been a while since I last updated. My dad suddenly passed away about a month ago and dealing with that mess was hard. Anyway, I still have some residual swelling on my lower stomach, but I'm hoping it will resolve over the course of the year. I can't believe how much weight I've lost and kept off. It seems as though after getting the procedure the rest of my body started getting in shape faster too. The day of surgery I was 148 lbs and today I am 135 lbs. I am still trying to lose another 5 lbs of fat. I'm working out most days of the week. I've been more conscious of what I eat, even though I still eat a piece of cheesecake here and there. Despite not 100% eliminating all of junk food out of my life I have still been losing weight. We are going to cancun in May, so I've been a little tighter on my diet. Overall, I can't be any happier with my new shape and size. I don't expect to look like a bikini model. I always said this was supposed to be a reset for my body. But i really want to get toned abs lol. Appearance wise I can't tell if it's much of a difference, but I think my skin is starting to smooth out and the wrinkly texture is gone.

6 months post op!!

If there is any change from 5 months to 6 months I can't really tell, but I've definitely been slowly losing weight. My current weight now is 132.2 lbs. I can definitely say that lipo is not a cure for weight loss. It takes dedication to adopt a healthy lifestyle to truly receive the full benefits of the procedure. I did an inbody test on 12/6/16 (it's a more accurate body fat percentage monitor) and it reported that I needed to lose 18.5 lbs of fat. Yesterday I repeated the test and it now suggests I need to lose 7.5 lbs of fat. So during this time frame I have lost 11 lbs of fat and gained some weight in muscle. I can't say the lipo did all of the work because a lot of it was my diet and exercise. It did help me stay more motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. I'm still not at my goal yet, but I'm getting much closer.

11 months post

Since my last update I have gone down to 128 lbs. I haven't been in the 120s in a while. I can fit into size 4 dresses now and I had to start buying new clothes because my old clothes were starting to get too loose. I can't believe it's been almost a year. I can't even remember how I used to look. This journey has been long, but it was so worth it to get my confidence back. I hope my review has helped some of you all! I will continue to check back here and there.

1 year post op

Just updating for my 1 year since the procedure. Still been sitting at 127 lbs, but I'm extremely happy with my results.
Dr. Ladd atkins

The consultation was a little rushed and he was 45 min late to it, but he promised I would love my results. The nurses were very nice and I was pleased with my level of service.

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