Good Not Painfull Til After. Pain Level 4 out of 10

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Pros: After 2 treatments, my skin texture improved...

Pros: After 2 treatments, my skin texture improved and the acne scars were almost gone

Cons: Sunburnt sensation, Red face, Peeling, Skin feels like sanpaper for 5 days.

I'm happy with the results and would recommend pixel. I also like the photo facial treatment for redness. I've had the pixel twice and photo. once and I feel like I have achieved the results I wanted.

I never had any skin problems until I was about 20. I've had a great dermatologist to help my skin heal. I've had some cystic acne along with many shots in my acne to treat them. Was on minocyclin for 2 1/2 yrs. Retin-a since. Duac cream 2 months. And those 3 treatments with very consistant face washing twice a day no matter how sleepy I am at night and moisturizing is very important and Suncreen ppl is a must.

Before anyone decides to do this, call around and ask how long the ppl have been doing this and what they specialize in. Don't just go anywhere. The place I went to was a nice medical spa and I was refered by someone I know. Also, if they say it's $100 or less I'd check it out further. Thats pretty cheap for a treatment and also discuss what your looking to achieve. Dont expect perfect flawless skin there's no such thing :)

Angie at: Tulsa Skin Institute

Discussed what the results would be and told me what to expect. Told me how many treatments I would probably need and was very friendly. I love the TSI. Everyone is sweet and professional and real.

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