Worst Decision of my Life - Tulsa, OK

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I decided to have implants after nursing 3 babies...

i decided to have implants after nursing 3 babies and my already small chest size reduced even further. Less than 6 months after getting the implants I became seriously ill. I had severe Grave's Disease and ended up having to kill my thyroid. I then started having multiple migraines a month. Before implants I hardly ever had a headache and was very healthy. I now have Systemic Lupus, undifferentiated connective tissue disease, fibromyalgia, chronic pain/fatigue, severe joint pain, memory loss, digestive issues, had to have my gallbladder removed, anxiety and depression. Plus much more. I have Mentor smooth saline and plan on having them removed as soon as I can. I also had to have a Portacath for infusions I have to take every 4 weeks for Lupus just to be able to walk and stand up from a sitting position. If you haven't researched Breast Implant Illnesses you need to. Hundreds if not thousands of women have similar symptoms that I have some so severe they are either bedridden or in a wheelchair. Please do your research. There are a few facebook pages with women like myself who are so sick all because of the implants. The Dr's will not tell you what can happen afterwards. I have seen pictures of saline implants with mold growing inside of them. I have also watched video of the new "gummy bear" implants that the dr will tell you will stay together if ruptured. The video shows the dr having to remove the gel from inside the woman's chest cavity. Please do your research...you will most likely regret it if you don't. I have lost 14 yrs of being healthy and my kids have grown up with a very sick mom. It's not worth it.
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