Day 1 , the Day I've Literally Dreamed of for Twenty Three Years!!TO LIVE WITHOUT BAGS

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I have had major eye bags since age 19 when I...

I have had major eye bags since age 19 when I developed severe hypothyroidism and was undiagnosed until I just about slipped into a coma the Dr told me.Since then it's been sunglasses,no pictures with family,no eye makeup,a billion eye creams, and holding my fingers under my eyes to see what I'd look like without them!!!!My Dr was great and I had total confidence in him. I'm excited to see in a couple weeks .We might be doing a injectionrestilin(sorry spelling)or if I want laser resurfacing,he didn't think I needed but said we'd see in two weeks!! I can't believe I waited this long!! I'm just praying it's going to look as good as I think!

Day 4 after lower Bleph

Still a decent amount of bruising ecpecially under the right eye Which was the worst and needed more fat removed. I put some dermablend on today, just a touch and so far I'm liking what I'm seeing!! I will post another picture in a week without makeup then with hair and makeup at least somewhat done, I've been lounging around for the last few days so my hair in the pics is pretty Crazy ????

Life Without Bags!!

Day 5 after lower bleph

So I'm still s bit swollen and bruised more on the one side , OBVIOUSLY ????, but that was the side that was considerably worse.Time will tell if I need laser resurfacing. I'm using the antibiotic ointment in the eyes so you can see that in the pics.

Day 6 after Blepharoplasty lower

Well things are going good,no dry eyes or eye still has a good amount of swelling.The eye that was worse and obviously needed more fat removed. I just pray it goes down and they are both the same size.

Day 9 After lower bleph

Things are looking pretty good,the eye that was worse and bruised looks a little closed /smaller at the corner but I still have swelling so hopefully it goes down and evens out! I'm happy so far! seeing Dr kapadia on Friday!

Day 9 After lower bleph

I think I will need those injections, I puff out my face or make it so there's fat like on my cheekbone and looks better. I also would like to have my smile lines get some injections, Because I feel it makes me look older and it adds to the eye issue.Ahh the search to look younger!!

Day 10 After lower bleph

Day 10 after lower bleph nothing new just wanted to keep a good record of my recovery and the change after lower bleph. I use antibiotic eye ointment every day four times a day and no eye drops.they seemed to make it worse. I haven't really had any dry eye and I've still been icing at night at the end of the day and just splashing cold water a few times a day over the will probably be the last day I use the antibiotic ointment unless there's an issue. I see Dr kapadia Fri and I'm excited to know what he thinks about needing injection or not.

Day 10 After lower bleph

Im sorry for all the horrible angles in my pics,I'm terrible at selfie!!

Day 11 After lower bleph

Today was my 44 th Birthday and I went out for dinner with my daughter and her infant son???? I just put a drop of concealer on the right eye.

Day 11 After lower bleph

Boston Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr Kapadia was great and I have seen hundreds of doctors Because of my kidney disease and dialysis transplants,. I knew he was talented professional who knows exactly what he is doing and great at it.Believe me, they're not all like that!! I have been home from my surgery about 5 hours, bruising is way less than I thought, and swelling. I know it will get worse over the next couple days.the only pain I have is in my bladder from the anesthesia slowing down the bladder muscle

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