Only a Week Away - Tucson, AZ

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I am having TT , lipo and gluteal implants and my...

I am having TT , lipo and gluteal implants and my surgery date is next Friday , so I am very , very anxious . I was going to have BBL , but after readind so may reviews and talked to my friend who had it done and within 12 months lost 80 % of the fat , I changed my mind. I will keep you guys updated . I love this site !

Surgery day !

My surgery is 11:30 today . I am leaving to the surgery center in about 30min . I am kind calm now .... I have take my keflex and drank 16 oz of gatorade as per doctor's order ( it helps minimize dehydration and nausea post -op ) . I organized my supplies and getting ready to take a shower . Keep you guys posted !

3rd day post op

I had TT , lipo and glutteal implants . I can tell you ladies that gluteal implants pain is not from this world .! Lol ! It hurts so much even taking y meds around the clock . I got 400 cc round intramuscular and t definatelly can see the diference. . I went to my post op today and things are healing well.. Keep you oosted .
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