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I had my first ematrix treatment in August 2010, a...

I had my first ematrix treatment in August 2010, a low level "A" on my face with a little work on my neck. On my neck I have some acne scarring that shows as discoloration, but the scars aren't raised. On my face I have crows feet, some droopiness, and all that good stuff that comes with middle age.

The day after my August treatment, my neck was a little pink, but nothing that couldn't be covered with makeup. I felt tighter skin, but never saw the network of dots I expected. I took a few days off from work, but the time off wasn't really necessary. Somebody would have to stare intently to see that I had something done. Overall I was pleased but wanted to try a stronger treatment.

On Dec 3, I had my face and decollatage done with light work on my neck scars. The face was at level "B". I had some other skin issues treated prior to treatment, and by the time my face was treated, I was ready to get out of the chair. The treatment on my chest was level "A" with a little bit of level "A" on my neck scars.

When I woke up the next morning, I was horrified by how red my face and neck were. I was having lunch with my father! I put makeup over it, but I think the real help was getting vertical. The swelling went down a great deal within a couple of hours, and my father didn't notice a thing.

By morning 3, the pinkness was faint. I could see the grid of dots on my upper chest and in a few key spots, but all could be covered by makeup.

By morning 4 there was no pinkness. I can still see the grid of dots, but I went to swim laps at the local pool with no comments. It would take close examination to notice the dots. My face is tight and peeling a little. It looks like I have more brown spots than usual. I'll try to come back and post progress.

I had my second "B" treatment on...

I had my second "B" treatment on Thursday the 10th. The zaps were a little painful unlike the last time. I was told the energy level was higher, but also they cauterized some sebaceous hyperplasias(?) on my face prior to the treatment, so I was feeling a little sensitive. When I woke up Friday morning, my face was a red and puffy especially around the cauterized areas. My neck was more red, and my upper chest, where they used only an A level, was reddist of all. I guess it's just more sensitive there. By noon it had calmed down. I put on makeup and went out. A close friend might have noticed I was wearing too much makeup (I don't usually wear foundation), but nobody else was the wiser. Today (Saturday, two days after treatment), I look pretty normal. Somebody peering closely can see a textured pattern, and my skin feels rough, but otherwise I look fine.

Five days after my second "B" treatment...

Five days after my second "B" treatment (3rd treatment overall), and my skin feels and looks GREAT. I haven't seen any of the pinprick-scabs that others mention. I guess we all heal differently. This has been very easy.

I had my 3rd treatment in the package yesterday...

I had my 3rd treatment in the package yesterday (not counting my test-the-waters "A" treatment I started with). We talked about going to level "C", but the nurse said it takes an extra day or two to recover. I had the treatment on a friday afternoon with the plan to return to work monday, so we went "B" with a higher power yet. She inches up the power level with each treatment. I had numbing cream prior to the treatment this time, so except for a few spots around my eyes and hairline, I barely felt a thing. We used the same strength around my eyes this time (last time we used lower power).

I was pretty red and blotchy after the treatment. I used chilled aloe and aquafor, then slept with my head propped up on extra pillows, but I still looked awful when I woke up. This is true of past treatments, too, but it's kind of freaky every time. I could feel the puffiness around my eyes. After being vertical for a couple of hours, everything calmed down. I put on makeup a couple of hours sooner than I was supposed to so I could run errands. A close friend might ask what happened to me, but an acquaintance might just assume I slept really badly. By late afternoon (24 hours), I look completely passable. I could go to work like this. I will probably be blotchy again tomorrow morning, but by Monday I expect to face a much less drastic look. Friends will probably just think I'm wearing too much foundation for a week or so.

The second morning after my treatment, I woke up...

The second morning after my treatment, I woke up and looked fine. The spots on my neck were slightly pink, and my face looks faintly tan. If you lean in about 8 inches away, you can see a texture of dots, but I suspect that even my mother wouldn't notice. I slathered on a lot of moisturizer and a little foundation. I can feel that my skin is tighter, and I can't wait to see how the skin is around my eyes when this is all healed.

It has been over a year since I had an ematrix...

It has been over a year since I had an ematrix treatment, but I bought another package of 4 facial treatments. It was around $1000 for the package of 4 treatments. Each treatment is 200 pulses. I had the first of the 4 treatments on Friday afternoon. It was the same level as the last treatment (B, I think), but I didn't want to increase the level because it had been a while. On Saturday morning I can already cover with a little foundation. With makeup I look a little puffy, feel fine. It's nothing I cant attribute to insomnia and too much sun last weekend. I had some numbing cream applied beforehand, and I found out that almost nobody uses it at the office where I go. I guess I'm a wuss. The pulses around my eyes hurt, only for a second, but OUCH. That's where I most want a result, though, so it's worth it.

I also tried a half treatment on the back of my hands, the first time I've done that. The hands look worse than my face. I'm hoping to increase collagen so that when I'm older I won't have crepey skin that tears easily. Both my parents near age 80 have this.

I looked fine in 24 hours, but I had rough, scaly...

I looked fine in 24 hours, but I had rough, scaly skin for a week. It's so hard to wait a week to exfoliate, but I slathered on moisturizer and did so. My skin feels great now. I still have my crows feet and wrinkles, but I think I look better around the eyes, and my face looks so smooth. The half treatment on my hands is taking longer. I still see some pinpoint scabs. It was the first time I treated the backs of my hands, so this probably isn't surprising.

still getting ematrix periodically

End of 2013 and I went for another treatment. I had the highest setting all over my face and jaw line, but lower around the eyes where I feel the zing. It only hurts for a second, and I told the nurse I didn't mind; I want the result from a deeper treatment. Because I've had a series of these I now heal fast. I had a Friday treatment. Saturday I covered with foundation. I looked a little rough, but could pass at work and even had a short conversation with my brother who noticed nothing. I don't usually wear foundation, but the most anybody would wonder is why I'm wearing it. Sunday morning all the redness is covered with light makeup. It will be scaley thru this friday, and then my skin will be fresh. I love this treatment.
Skin Care by Design Medispa

I like it that the employees are women around my age. They have offered to fix a number of things that I thought I would have to live with: hyperplasias and milia and keratoses. I've been to some male dermatologists about some of these things, and I was discouraged from treating them like it was a big deal. The ladies in the office understand that these little flaws make me look less than my best. They fix them quickly with different treatments. It's so easy, and your face looks so much fresher without them! Also, all the employees have tried these treatments. They showed me their own pictures of how they looked after treatments and what to expect in terms of downtime.

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