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I'm 30 and have 2 small children. After nursing...

I'm 30 and have 2 small children. After nursing them both the ladies aren't the size they used to be and are hanging kinda low. It's been almost 2 years since I've quit nursing. Very excited for my procedure but nervous about not being able to take care of my mommy/wife duties during healing. But, I guess the laundry and dishes will just get done when they get done. And good thing my husband is a great cook! Excited to have perky separated breasts for once! I'll post pics later...

Are there any Christians out there who have struggled with the "Godly" side of this? The Bible does say your body is a temple.... And how do I tell my daughter she needs to love her body how it is when mommy had surgery to change her's?

Oh, and I'm getting a lift and small implant.

Here are the ladies

So I do have my appt booked. I got a response from a lady about my last post that helped a lot! Now that I have my appt I'm going back and forth on if I really need one. Not sure if I'm talking myself in to it or talking myself out of it or just nervous as all heck. Before I booked my surgery date I knew I wanted to get it done for sure... Aaahhhh. I like my size just don't like them so droopy... Thoughts?
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