Botox Gave Me Ear Pressure and Ringing - Tualatin, OR

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This is my 4th time receiving botox in my forhead...

This is my 4th time receiving botox in my forhead and 11's. I hadn't had it in a year because I don't love the way it feels but I feel my wrinkles make me look so mad and grumpy that I broke down and had it again by the same injector. This time it worked in 2 days and on the 3rd day I woke up and my left ear felt muffled and the right felt extra sensitive to sound. My injector told me I probably had a plugged eustacian tube and to call my Primary care doctor. She said in NO WAY could the botox travel to my ear. I don't believe her one bit! I have NEVER had ear problems. I do suffer from Vestibular Migraine and for the last 6 years have dealt with dizziness due to them and if this ear pressure and ringing doesn't go away I think it is going to send me over the edge. Is there ANYONE out there that had this happen and did it go away when the Botox wore off? I pray to God every minute of the day to please let this horrible feeling wear off. If it does I swear I will NEVER get Botox again! Please can someone give me some information?
Jan Maybe

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