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I have been planing on getting a chin implant for...

I have been planing on getting a chin implant for a few years now. I am 1000% sure that it is what I want. I've done all my research. I found the doctor I want to do it, I payed in full, I took time off work and made all of the arrangements. The procedure is only a little over a week away and now I am unsure.. Not unsure I want the procedure but unsure I want this doctor to do it. I read so many reviews online that he and his staff are so wonderful, that you feel really taken care of when you go to him. I am not impressed so far... During the consultation I felt rushed. The doctor was not at all warm or especially friendly like I had read online. I had a few botox injections while I was there, after the consult, and he kept answering text messages while he was with me. Since the consultation I have been "that patient," because I have sent a few e-mail (3) with lots of questions I forgot or did not think to ask during the consult. They were responded to in a very rude way by one of the office staff. I talked to her about it over the phone and she made a TON of excuses why she may have seemed rude but did not mean it that way. It was BS of course. If I cancel now I will lose a ton of money and I know I want this procedure. The doctor has a great reputation and track record. I don't know if I should cancel because he wasn't that friendly and his staff is rude... :( I just had this assumption everyone was going to be so wonderful because of all the rave reviews I read about him online. Now I'm wondering if they are just planted.
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