Vi Peel for Sun Damage, Improve Tone Etc.. - Troy, MI

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I've never done anything other than use...

I've never done anything other than use neutrogena's dermabrasion home machine on my face. Got talked into a Vi Peel (friend paid for it) and I did read all the material on it and also trusted the aesthetician, because she had done other treatments that were great. Anyway... The actual treatment wasn't painful, but by later that night and into the next day I wanted to gouge my skin off it itched so bad, which actually sort of masked the pain from the burning feeling. I literally could not sleep and went looking for a 24 hour pharmacy and bought some cortisol cream and managed to sleep an hour or so over 2 days. The peeling was deep and not easily camoflaged, so you would definitely need to take a 3 or 4 days off, assuming you have it done on the weekend. After all that I noticed maybe a slight improvement. My friend said she didn't notice any improvement at all.

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I'll never do it again, the results were not worth the pain, money, time off, and infernal painful itching. I don't know if other brands are better but I will never use a 'vi' product ever again. I only had one treatment because there is no way I would put myself through that again, next time I'm sure I'd rip all the skin off and scar myself horribly... Yes it really was that bad.

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