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I had Active FX laser with spot dermabrasion done...

I had Active FX laser with spot dermabrasion done yesterday for acne scars. My main problem was my cheeks and that is where he started with the dermabrasion, then active fx over the full face. I had the numbing cream, the shots, then the procedure began. The dermabrasion was nothing, I could not feel a thing. When the active fx started, it was ocmpletely painless on the forehead, but when it got to the rest of my face, it became more painful. Nothing too serious, but a couple of times I wanted to jump out of my chair. You can handle it. I just want great results. I spent the first day and night reapplying the aquaphor and applying ice. I have to say the ride home from the doctor's office was the worst part. My face was on fire...and I mean on fire.....I was shaking, and had my face right in front of the air conditioner vent, if I sat back for one second....I was in severe pain and had to jump right back up to the vent. I kept my face in front of a fan at home until I fell asleep for a few hours, when I woke up the fire was out lol. Today is day two: I woke up and my face is swollen, I slept on pillows all night, but its swollen, maybe not as bad as it would have been if I slept flat. I face is weeping from the dermabrasion areas...yellow mixed with aquaphor....hmmm. Going to take a shower, do the vinegar soaks and reapply the aquaphor. If anyone is reading this and wants me to keep undating, let me know. Not sure if this site stays active.

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