22 Years Old, 400c moderate plus profile!

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I am 22 years old, currently less than an A cup. I...

I am 22 years old, currently less than an A cup. I am getting high profile 375cc (presumably) silicone under the muscle implants tomorrow and I am so excited! Just showered with the bacteria-killing soap, and now I smell like I've had a long night on the town but that is just fun. Adding the pictures of me now pre-op, and will update tomorrow after my surgery! woho!

Wish photos + morning of surgery

It's now 7am and I'm going to shower with the fancy soap again. My appointment is at 08.30 so i have a bit of time. Not very nervous today, but I am excited! Mostly worried about the IV. Adding some pictures of what I'm going for.

Ten minutes post-op!

I just woke up and everything is easy peasy and entertaining, haha! I remember them inserting my IV (didn't hurtk) and putting the mask on me, saying I was about to sleep. I remember thinking 'oh shit, it doesn't work on me, and suddely waking up here bedside!

It hurt a little bit and I was very nauseau even though I got twilight anestesia (?), but they gave me some morfin and it went away immediately. The worst part is that it is a bit difficult to breathe. It was a loot easier and less painful than I thought, though!

If you're worried about the surgery - don't be! It was a piece of cake :)

Operation day!

Got to the clinic at 0815 with my good friend. The doctor marked me up and I was in the operation room just a few minutes later. We decided on 400cc moderate plus profile underneath the muscle. The nurses were so sweet and set my IV (the part I was most afraid of, didn't hurt much but was a bit uncomfortable), then the anesthesia doctor came in and before I knew it I woke up after two hours. My chest did hurt a bit with quite a lot of pressure, but I got a lot of pain medicine so it went alright.

Now, at 21:57 on the same day I feel fine. When I sit still I hardly feel any pain, but when I sit up and walk a bit it does hurt a little bit. I dared taking my bra off for the first time and I think my result is going to turn out the way I wanted it to! My nipples are in the position I asked for (a bit high) and I think it will be a great size after the swelling goes down!

Got some pain killers from my doctor that are quite strong, and I am planning to take the strongest one before going to bed tonight. Has been a bit nauseas and that has been the worst part (I am very bad at dealing with nausea, so it's nothing to worry about). Will update tomorrow on how the night has gone, but so far I feel great and are liking my results! :)

Day after

Slept pretty badly tonight. Tried to sleep on my back, but it was really painful and I couldn't get back up. Slept like that for a while until my room mate came to check on me and helped me sit up against my big pillow.

The pain today had been quite bad when moving, but pretty much non-existent while staying still sitting upright. Have propped myself full of pain killers and had a lot of help getting up from my sitting position, reaching things etc.

I do think my boobs look better today, and I hope the pain will wear off tomorrow! Think I'll be sleeping upright on the couch tonight. The pain right now at 00:26 is not bad though, so I am optimistic! :)

3 days post op

Yesterday was pretty pain free and I was able to go outside and go to the grocery store and stuff. My scars have started itching which is good because the nerves tries to reconnect (I've heard).

Woke up pain free today as well and took my first shower! Felt really good and my boobs are looking better every day! I'm really excited and feeling great with no pain!

Day 4 post-op

Feel like they are becoming prettier each day, and that they are starting to round out!

The pain is almost gone, except some knife-like stabbing occasionally. Didn't get any instructions to massage my breasts, but have read that it might be a good idea?

I will remove my tapes after showering today and put on the new scar-reducing tape I bought. Have practically full use of my arms again too :)

Scars on day 4

Put silicone tape on them after showering. Looking good

Day 5!

Didn't sleep well last night. Been having sharp pains in my right breast while the left is all good now, but I've heard that's normal?

I am back at work today though, and everything is good. I'm a saleswoman in a store so it doesn't require very heavy lifting so my boobs don't bother me. Switched to a softer sports bra, I hope that's okay!

They are looking better and better and I'm hoping to quit pain killers soon, but I really needed them last night. A bit paranoid to get immune but that is probably just foolish.

My stats (that I forgot to mention) are:

Height: 5'10
Weight: 70kg+
Age: 22
Implant: silicone 400cc mentor medium plus under the muscle

Think I have forgotten something but can't remember what haha


By the way, I haven't heard anything from the clinic since the surgery, and have no appointments or check-ups or anything. Is this normal?

It doesn't bother me, but I haven't gotten any numbers to call or anything and I have a few questions. Just wondering if it's normal to not have any post-op check ups with the surgeon? :)

6 days post op

Everything is going great! I love them so much, and they are softening so fast!

Still having shooting knife-like stabs in my right breast and it makes me a bit worried.. have read that it's normal so time will show! The scars are healing very quickly too!

I ran out of the hardcore painmeds yesterday, so I'm just taking two paracets when I'm in pain. Sleeping is the hardest part now, and even that is not too bad :)

One week post-op!

Feel like they are dropping and rounding so fast! I am really, really happy with my results- the shape, projection and size. Feel my body is a lot more proporitonate now, and clothes look so much better!

Haven't taken any painmeds today, but I am still having trouble sleeping. Can't wait to be able to sleep on my side again haha

8 days since operation

Bought my first bra today! Hope this will be okay for a few hours tonight as I'm going out and only have sports bras atm.

The pain is also gone today, and I was able to sleep flat on my back (not halfway sitting) last night, so this is a very good boob day :)

10 days post-op

Pain is all gone now! Also my scars are looking better each day :)

The right boob has dropped more than the left, I think. Can't wait until they get soft and squishy!
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