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Since before I had kids, I knew once I was done, I...

Since before I had kids, I knew once I was done, I was going to want a mommy makeover. 3 kids (6, 4, and 2), 3 c sections, and a lot of years of nursing, and now I am ready for my mommy makeover. I gained so much weight with each pregnancy because just as much as I love to workout, I love to eat. Now I am left with a 2.5" diastasis recti, loose skin, and sagging breasts. I've been on this site for about a year reading blogs to know what this all entails knowing that I wouldn't get the surgery until August 2016. Time has flown!! I've narrowed the search to two surgeons in my area. On June 24, I'm bringing my husband to meet both, and I hope to schedule the surgery with one of them soon after we talk it over.

Second Consults on Friday!

Friday, I will bring my husband with me for second consults with Dr. Giles at 9am and Dr. Lee at 11 am. By the end of day, I'll call them up and make a deposit to hold August 25 for me! I'm super excited, and have been reading a lot of posts of questions to ask. What was the biggest determining factor in choosing your doctor?

Cannot wait until August

Promise I'm not pregnant

I cannot wait to get this done. I almost feel like I'm taking my frustration of being deflated and looking pregnant out on my family. I'm more than ready for my makeover. I meet the surgeons for a second time Friday and choose!

Doctor chosen, date locked with deposit

Today, I brought my husband to my top two favorite surgeons. My husband is super analytical. We are both in the medical field, so I wanted him to hear the nitty gritty I had heard from them before. I wanted his help choosing because I feel they are both competent and feel very comfortable with both. I felt like we were on an episode of house hunters after the appointments during lunch. We both agreed on the same doctor and I called right away to secure August 25. It's feeling real now especially after I scheduled the pre-op a couple weeks sooner. I'm so excited.

Building strength

After perusing a bunch of reviews, I see a lot of ladies write about lower back pain during recovery. I Crossfit 5 mornings a week and run once a week, but I feel I need to be intentional about building the lower back and posterior chain to help with recovery. I'd like to stand straight sooner than later. I asked my PS how long do I HAVE to be bent for. He told me that I don't HAVE to be bent at all, that his stitches are tough enough, but patients tend to be more comfortable bent.
Today was my first day intentionally working on lower back after my Crossfit workout. I did slow back extensions then worked on slow squats on the bosu ball to help with the stabilizing muscles of my legs. I'm a little less than two months before I cross over to the flat side, so I think these extra movements now will help later.

After 7 mile run

I just ran seven miles, and felt so good coming out of the shower...it'll be great to get back into it after I recover.


I had three c-sections and although two out of three came a couple weeks before their scheduled date, about a month before they came, I got heavily in the nesting mode. I felt like I had to get everything in order, purge the closets and buy everything I thought I might need. I am trying sooo hard not to do that with this. But, it just happened. This past weekend, most closets were purged, I went shopping and bought some cute dresses that I know will look even better with the new boobs and belly. I bought front zip sports bras, compression garments. It felt good to get it out of my system for now, but I know I'll get a second wind after my preop appointment next month.

Obsessed with eBay

I like nice things that are of value to me and don't mind spending the money on them: great quality workout clothes, gym membership, a fabulous plastic surgeon I feel comfortable with, amazing clothes and bras after mommy makeover, high end a/c unit in hot and humid Florida. Lol
Other things, that I know I won't use after a few weeks, I have a hard time spending money on: maternity clothes, nursing bras, and most recently-recovery garments like bras and compression garments.
I feel like this site should sell garments in great condition, right?!
I've been researching and asking my plastic surgeon about garments and bras, then looking for them in new or slightly used condition on eBay, and have gotten fabulous deals! A bra that retails almost$100, I got for $16! I ended up getting 3 bras and two garments for about $100!


I knew when I decided to do the mommy makeover I had to set a realistic date in the future so I could budget. I didn't want to finance or dip into any kind of savings. Today was a rough day-a/c needed repairing and the Florida home was HOT; everything was annoying to me! My husband handed me a nice stack of cash and said it was for the surgery and extra for shopping! Woo hoo! It's really happening! A month until the preop and about 1.5mo until surgery!!

eBay purchases have arrived

I said before that I have a hard time spending a fortune on garments I'll wear for a few months at the most. I got the garment new with tags and the Victoria's Secret front zip bra in excellent condition on eBay. The bra definitely has room for growth lol and the garment can be made tighter too. I also scored a $12 super comfy maxi dress from banana republic outlet. Love a good deal!

1 month until pre-op

Wow. Things are feeling really real. Only one month away until my preop and 1.5months until my mommy makeover!
Yesterday I began having a bunch of body aches (especially my back), nausea, vomitting. I definitely want to go through with the surgery and I will, but these body/back aches are the worse! It's so hard to get comfortable! I heard the first few days are the worst....I can do anything for a few days! I'm sending positive vibes and prayers to you healing ladies!!

Pre-baby photos...#goals

Here is a picture of me the day I found out I was pregnant with my first son Christmas Eve, 2009...I'll have that belly again soon-maybe even a better form of it because I'll be flat AND still have my three kids! You can see my boobs were always on the small side. Hope to be in the C range. Can't wait!

Under armour bra

I got a couple of these in fabulous condition: super comfy, zip front. I plan to be in the C range and w this bra u can purchase by cup size. There is room to grow so I can't wait to see how these fill out!

Button pj's and deflated boobies

I couldn't wait until surgery to sleep in these: super comfy! Can't wait to get these boobs in the right position and to get rid on the 5 mo preggo belly!! Lol

Almost a month away and I'm so excited I can barely sleep!

I try and go to bed early-ish because my alarm wakes me at 4:30am to make my 5am Crossfit class. These last few days it's been hard to get to sleep and stay asleep because all I can do is toss and turn with excitement thinking about where I'll be in about a month or so. This am, I told a late 40's lady about my upcoming surgery, and she had a tummy tuck 9 years ago. She said it was more painful than her 4 C-sections, but she'd do it again in a heartbeat.

So flat

My trainer this am was telling me how he and his girlfriend (a good friend of mine) were laughing about how I'm not going to know what to do with boobs. Lol-they're right!! LMBO

Thank God!

I believe God has a plan. I knew I'd want this surgery since before I started having kids. As it gets closer, I've prayed for healing hands after for smooth, easy surgery...and in the back of my mind I just wanted affirmation that I am doing the right thing. Last month my period came 4 days early so I did the calculation and that would mean I'd be the heaviest flow and crampiest surgery day. Oh well, I thought. I'll deal. Well I just got my period again four days early which means that even if I get it on time next month (bc I'm never late), all the cramps and heavy flow will be gone!! Thank God! That's all the affirmation I need!! It's all going to be ok!

Put on your sunglasses

I usually wear an athletic top or a rash guard over my bathing suit top to cover my belly. I can't wait to tan it once it's flat. We took the kids to a waterpark today for my daughter's second birthday, and I was checking all the moms out. Lol

A little retail therapy

I was on the hunt for comfy clothes and pj's for post op. Ah....so comfy AND zipper front, pockets (always a plus). Lol

Rise and shine

I'm going to miss my 5am Crossfit group. They took me out last night and got me a nice gift card to my favorite workout store for when I enter the flat/big boob side :)
(I'm the second one in on the left)

Trying on my son...

So about a month ago, my husband had to stitch my five year old. He's got a little scar above his lip, so since I'll be needing scar treatment in the future, I thought I'd try it out on him first. Lol. Today was day 1.

Last vacay covering my belly

My oldest son will be six the day before my surgery, so we went away for the weekend to celebrate. We had a blast. Crazy to think I'll be in a bikini and have boobs for our next vacation! Pre-op is August 12-Friday!!


Before a major life event, like before the birth of my kids, wedding, first day of dental school, I would have dreams of my teeth falling out. I was waiting for it, and I had the dream last night! It's my body telling me that this is a huge life altering event coming in 14 days, 21 hours, and 12 mins (according to my countdown app). LOL
In my dream, I had all my top teeth, but every single bottom tooth literally fell out except for a molar that was loose and crumbling. I'm crazy.

"Business lunch"

My husband took notes on how to get the kids ready for school and pack lunch and his new morning and evening "protocol" with them while I heal. He is doing dry runs now. #manwithaplan #icouldgetusetothis #loveit


I have this after every workout to help with muscle recovery. A read yesterday that a fellow real selfer thought BCAA's helped with her recovery. I'm going to add this to my armamentarium! Lol

Pre-op: done!

I had my pre-op today; I was his first patient today and everything went great! It was the usual thing: get the prescriptions needed for post op, sign your life away, and pay. My husband came with me, so that was nice to have that support. He was very comforting and honest in goals, expectations, etc...he said my surgery would take about 2.5-3hrs for the TT, lift, and augmentation which seems fast to me since the other dr quoted about 4-5! I wonder if it's bc my dr focuses on body? Not sure but I'll take it! My surgery is on a Thursday and I'm staying the night in his recovery suite so I'll see him the next day and then again that Monday or Tuesday (and he thinks I'll have my one drain out by then given my size and physical shape preop).
Good thing he gave me a 20 page packet to peruse and that my husband came because I forgot a lot!!! Lol
Oh they did recommend a light cotton cami to wear under the binder so it doesn't irritate the skin. That was something that I haven't seen much of on realself.
It's starting to really really feel real! And i have this calming feeling like it's going to be just fine. I sure hope so!

There is my sign....

I run 6 or more miles with my friends Sunday's at 5:30am, and we start walking distance from my house. I just woke up, started to get ready, and think I hear thunder. Crap. Sure enough, there is a storm coming. I sit on the toilet, and low and behold is my period!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!! Never thought I'd be so happy to see her at such perfect timing before my surgery. God is good.
I'm only just a little bummed about the thunderstorm but kind of glad bc I get more sleep :)

Piece of my armamentarium

Here are just a few things I got to help with pain and inflammation: my meds (of course. I plan to take like clockwork the first few days), arnica and bromelian (on the fence with this-I've read it's helpful. My Dr didn't say I HAD to get it, and my pharmacist sister thinks it's placebo. Still plan to try it out), colase (forgot to put in pic but I'll start a few days before), maxi pads for incisions, scar stuff for later, massager (bc I think backaches are so annoying and I hope to avoid them), pineapples (have bromelian), hummus (because it's yummy and I plan to eat a lot of protein), and my BCAA's to hopefully not lose too much muscle. I also have spanx, zipper front bras, button down pj's and maxi dresses...
I'm going to tough it out and not go crazy w walkers, shower seats, female urinals etc. the doc just told me to tough it out and use my legs. I can take pain pretty well and I can back squat almost double my weight, so I think I can deal....hopefully. ;)

Focus update

Well, a few posts ago, I had committed to doing a little extra work after my usual workouts to further strengthen my legs and lower back since I will be using those post surgery. I've been holding to that. Today I did heavy back squats followed by 150 wall balls, 50 kettle bell swings, and 120 m sled push. This is my last week at Crossfit and I'm going to miss it so much! Next week I plan to do a few days of orangetheory for cardio, then surgery Thursday! Agh!

Probably overkill

So this is probably overkill, but I have it at our office, so why not? This is hibiclens (4% chlorhexidine) scrub. It's an antiseptic scrub that I use on the gums after deep cleaning and on teeth before I fill it. Surgeons use it to wash heir hands before surgery, and you can use for skin wound and skin cleansing. I'll probably use it am of my surgery and maybe on wounds after. I've already started showering with dial antibacterial soap.

Getting closer

I've posted and deleted boob pictures, but being that I'm five days away from surgery, and all of your photos have helped me, I figured I need to get the courage and hopefully help others. This was this am after my orangetheory workout (that was fun-first time trying ot)


With surgery in 3days and 17 hrs (according to my countdown app), I thought I'd share a couple of my recent struggles.
1. I love food: food that's good for me and food that's probably not. My struggle is to not think "hey, let me eat ALL of that because he's going to cut it all out soon!" Lol
2. My kids and husband are everything. This weekend I've really focused on individualized time for each of them. I'm sad that I'll be gone for a while.
3. I've never had general anesthesia and I'm one who doesn't like surprises and always looks when I donate blood. Although I know I'm healthy and strong and that it's safe, I'm still a little scared.

Florida sunset

This doesn't do the gorgeous Florida sunset justice. It was beautiful on the ride home from my last date night with the hubs. Gave me reassurance that it will all be fine in just a couple days! Thank you to all the real self ladies thatve had the sweetest uplifting words these last few months during my journey. You all are great!

Mind over matter

When I feel like I'm dying twd the end of some of my races, I just think of that finish line! I think in this journey we have a lot of "finish lines": booking the surgery, surgery day, drains out, no narcotics, pooping, sleeping in your bed, feeling better, doing more, clearance to work out again, and the list goes on. Setting those little attainable goals gives you something to look forward to and check off the list.
In just a couple of days, I'll be at a new "finish line", and another race will begin. Such a surreal feeling. I know there are some of us with super close surgery dates. Know that I'm thinking and praying for you, friends!

Hydrate, hydrate

A couple days are left before surgery and today I began adding one of these to the large amounts of water I usually drink. Super good for hydration, and because it's pineapple, I'm hoping to add that bromelian to my system. I also started the bromelian pills, upped the colase to 3 a day, have been eating applesauce, humus, Greek yogurt, protein shakes only, and I will begin the chlorhexidine scrub tonight.
The last picture of the sunset didn't load from yesterday, so I threw it in there! :)

The day before

Surgery is tomorrow and I can say that I'm totally calm and ready. I had my little freak out moment over the weekend as I just so badly enjoyed my time with my family, and since then, I've had such peace about it.
I'm sure it has to do with the help and support of you ladies sharing your stories and encouraging words, of course my family and friends who supported his since day one, and peace of mind know that I did all the research and prep I could to make this as smooth as I can on my end.
I have 100% faith in God and the surgical team. It'll be all good!!! (Insert Thumbs up emoji!) lol

Alive and well

Surgery was this morning and I took some before pics in my bra and undies after the shower. We arrived on time and my husband unloaded and waited in the recovery suite.
They took me back to get my vitals, met with anesthesiologist and they strapped me to the table. Next thing I know I was in recovery. Wow! It WAS a great 3 hr nap!!
Pain is sooo minimal! Boob pain feels less than a hard Chest workout, and the belly is kind of like the cramps I get when I run too fast.
I've taken half the narcotic dosage and zofran. Which, zofran is crap-didn't work too well for me. I was dry heaving which OMG-really hurts. The nurse gave me a suppository and that worked like a charm. Whichever RS mentioned the neck pillow is my BFF-that's helped A TON. My low back isn't much of an issue, but I do get up and walk around bc my upper back is sore.
Nurses and doc are impressed by my movement and dr said it was more straightforward than he thought and thinks the outcome will be better than he thinks. I hope so!
Happy healing to all my RSers. Reveal and shower are tomorrow. I hope to get someone to snag pics

Doing good

This was WAY easier than expected. Pain is really minimal and manageable. The nurse gave me a shower that was divine. I got o peak at everything and I love it! Can't wait to see it when all the swelling dies down.

Great Day for Healing

It's a great day for healing here as it's such a gloomy day. My husband brought the kids over so I can get my fix, and they were so respectful of my "boo-boo". He helped me with a shower and shaved my legs which was divine! I'm moving around nicely, and I feel really good. Although I'm super swollen in my belly, I'll take the "after" any day of the week!
I've been on top of my pain meds; I've been rubbing arnica on my chest.
I think it really helps to be in shape before surgery.

Incision and posture

Here are a couple of pics.
My posture is pretty good and I'm shuffling around well-glad I didn't buy a walker or shower chair.
I love how the incision line is nice and low and straight.
Total drain output was at 50. Looks like I'll have it for a little longer. It's ok. I'll be patient about it. It hasn't bothered me much.
Like I said, I'm staying on top of bromelian, arnica, and pain meds (alternating 1percocet and 800mg ibuprofen every 4-6hrs)


I was organizing my surgical bag and found this gem. Guess he went with Mentor 350cc smooth round ultra high profile.

SOO worth it

Love before and afters. As I am waiting for my binder to dry, I took the pic on the right-all in my belly swollen glory. On the left, I took a couple of weeks ago after Crossfit. Omg. I'm in love already. It's going to be cool to see the transformation in these next coming months.

End of day swelling

Here is some end of day swelling. I was able to shave and shower solo. I was proud of that. My posture is way better with the binder; with it off, I feel like I need to hunch to support it.
I had a few bowel movements today, and I've stopped narcotics. In previous days I alternated ibuprofen and Percocet. Pain has really been nonexistent except when I woke up from my nap w a dry throat and had to cough. Key thing I did was grab a pillow, hold it tight around my belly and cough as softly as I could. Totally doable.
Drain output is still not enough to remove, and I am fine with that. Evening swelling is for sure there, and I'm aware it's a process, and I'm just thankful I had the opportunity to even go through this journey.


Less than a week post op and a nice transformation already. Today is my last day of antibiotics. And day 2 off narcotics completely. Pain isn't there at all. At this point I take ibuprofen more for inflammation than pain. Happy healing and good vibes and prayers to all my real self friends.

My favorite things

I don't know if you remember The Oprah Winfrey Show and her "favorite things", but off the top of my head, I'm about to make a list of my favorite things so far in the pre-surgery and post-surgery journey. There is no order to it, but hopefully it will help some ladies out in the future since in my eyes, I wouldn't change a thing in this experience. Just as a guide: I got a full tummy tuck, breast lift, and augmentation six days ago.
1. Pray about it-before, during, and after. Make sure this choice feels right for you and your family. It's a long road and u really want to be in a good place with relationships, financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc...
2. Be in good physical shape. The best you've been in going into surgery. I really believe that's helped so much in my posture being straight just a couple days post op, the ability to rebuild, and the ability to handle pain. I've compared my "pain" to workouts and I've literally done harder chest workouts than the what I've felt this whole time in my chest w the lift and aug.
3. Research, plan, research, plan, repeat. Know everything about your procedure. Real self helped a bunch with the forums, videos, reviews, etc. I also watched the surgery learned possible complications and planned for the worst and hoped for the best. This will help calm nerves post op if complications arise. Research surgeons. Choose one that you feel most comfortable with. And plan, plan, plan! Failing to plan is planning to fail. Time off work, care for you, care for the kids, materials, meals, set up your armamentarium before hand.
4. However, don't go overboard with armamentarium. Know yourself. I knew I could handle pain, have healed well from csections, and that I was the strongest I've been. I didn't bother spending money on a walker, cane, shower chair, medical recliner, hospital bed, etc.
5. Stay on top of your meds and choose a dr that gives you the exparel injection!!! Exparel is a life changer. The only reason I took Percocets the first three days (I only took 3/4 per day) was bc I didn't want to find out what it would feel like without it. Honestly, I think I would've been fine w only Motrin 800 for inflammation. The pain just wasn't there. Soreness, tightness, crampy, yes, but no pain. Even today, almost a week post op, I still am on Motrin for inflammation properties not really for pain at all.
6. First few days I was religious about #5, and also taking bromelain tablets, rubbing arnica, drinking BCAA's, drinking coconut water with pineapple, drinking lots of water, eating pineapple and lots of protein. Could have all been hocus pocus, but if I had to do this again, I'd do the same.
7. Neck pillow-those things u wear in an airplane. That has been a dream. I also bought a back massager that u sit on, and that's also been a dream.
8. Realself-ask questions to people thatve been there. Make friends with people that have similar surgery dates. Ask the doctors. Read experiences-taking each with a grain of salt, but putting those little pearls in the memory bank.
9. Be positive. I've read a lot of reviews and some people just have a bad day. And that is ok. Know you may have bad days, but put the positive spin on it. Instead of saying "man, I feel like crap" say "I look forward to feeling better". Instead of "yuck, look at all that swelling, when will it ever go away?!" Take a peak at your before pictures, and I promise you look better! Lol I've been at my parents' house and am missing out on the kids & my husband (FaceTime and short visits are great), but I keep thinking "I'll see them soon" "how great is this quiet space?!"lol
10. Be Strong and Patient. You are strong-holy moly look at what our bodies are capable of! And it doesn't all happen over night.
Yay-I was hoping it'd add up to ten. Hope y'all got something out of it!

Free at last!

So today, mom asked me if I'd like to go out for lunch and do a little shopping after. Heck yes!! Cabin fever was really getting to me, and I've been feeling great so I didn't think twice. Lunch was delicious, and although I didn't try anything on, it was so nice to be out and look at fitted clothes vs my comfort zone of loose or athleisure styles. Can't wait to really do some shopping!!

Last photos before drain removal

Today I get my drain out-yay! I snapped a couple of pictures before I put on the arnica gel. And I compared the swelling from day 5 post op to today (day8). And I snapped a couple of the incision lines.

Drain out; Surgery pics in!

Today my drain came out, and it felt like everyone says: weird. It's kind of like feeling your child move in your belly the first time. It was so nice to get rid of it. I wore yoga pants there and I felt like a dude tucking that in over to the right. Lol

"Overdoing it" is a real thing

I had my drain removed yesterday and felt liberated and great, so mom and I went shopping (I got the cutest couple of pair of shoes-trying not to buy clothes). Went to lunch and moved out of mom's back home. When the kids came home I did my best to listen to every story, play, etc.
By the end of day I am pretty sure I wasn't standing straight. Lol. I was so sore! Motrin came to the rescue! Lesson learned: take it easy.

When in doubt, improvise!

I have long curly hair that I wash maybe 1-2/week or it'll dry out. Being 9 days post op, I was itching to wash it. I knew my arms and chest could handle it, but I didn't know about the belly. Sooo I showered in my spanx. Lol. I felt totally supported and got the job done! Lesson: if you're faced with a problem, find a solution. Lol

Nothing like your own bed

My two year old daughter wanted to nap on my high bed, so I thought to myself "I think I could get up there"....and I did. I took a fabulous nap with her which made me think I'm ready to just sleep in my bed. So I did. And I was pretty flat on my back and sides, and I moved around without any soreness or discomfort. It was a good night! Another little victory in the bank! Lol

The view

I took the pic on the lower right in my fave yoga pants and was disappointed in what I saw. The new view is so much better! Lol

Well rested

I slept in after 9am today. I think the last time I did that was.....over ten years ago?!?! Lol-it did me well. I woke up and snapped some pics just to see if there has been any improvement on the swelling. I see it!
Overall, I feel pretty great physically-just tightness in my abs, swelling as the day goes on, etc.
You will notice in the boob pics that my nipples aren't right at "the bull's eye", which isn't fault of my dr. He warned me pre-surgery and I appreciate his honesty. He said God made me with a short distance nipple to breast crease, so he moved it as much as he could. He said after healing, if it bugs me, I can have a minor procedure under local anesthesia to help it even more. I went into this looking for improvement, not perfection, so it doesn't bother me AT ALL, and I couldn't be more pleased so far. Happy Labor Day!

Lucky number 13

13 days post op-my lucky number so I had to post!
I had a post op visit. They clipped the ends of some stitches and totally removed the stitches on the belly button. They taped me back up (for the last time), and my next visit is in two weeks.
He told me I was overdoing it. Today was my busiest day as far as activity goes, I wasn't hurting but I was definitely pretty swollen (you can see in the pics).
SOO...in efforts to follow dr's orders, I'm relaxing and reading.
He also said after next visit I can start with silicone based scar treatment.

Pictures from the 13th

Cleaning the closet

I was purging my closet of the tops I tried to hide my belly in to donate to women in need, and I found the pants I had in my first post to my journey. I had to snap a quick pic before I threw it in the donate pile, but it's so nice to not have that excess skin spilling over!

I finally remembered!

You guys are so good about posting consistent pictures. I have intentions to, and either don't have my phone or forget. I did some chores this morning, so you can see a little swelling on the profile. I posted an up close pic of the belly button, and you can see the stretch marks I had above are now below. They aren't too noticeable from afar, so it doesn't bother me. Also, here is a picture of one of my favorite garments. I took a chance on it because it was less than $20 new on eBay. The brand is franato. It's a stage one compression garment. I like it more than the spanx I bought, so I ordered more in a small: 2 blacks plus the one beige I have. Only thing is, I don't know if it's the fit of it or hot Florida, but I notice my thighs chafe. No worries bc I bought a body chafe stick I use to use for races. Overall, I feel great! I have a little bit more feeling on my belly, although the areas surrounding the belly button and incision are still pretty numb. I love sleeping on my sides and belly and I'm getting more comfortable doing that again. Have a great Sunday, ladies!

I couldn't help myself

My two year old fell asleep in the car after a pool day at my parents'. I couldn't help but carry her in and just cuddle with her for a few minutes before I woke her up-I still need her to make her strict 7pm bedtime!! Lol
I thought it would hurt or feel weird to pick her up, but it didn't :)

That glow...

My skin has been dry from these garments so I've lathered myself up w coconut oil and a dash of lavender oil. Natural moisturizer + natural antibacterial properties = win for skin!

First thing in the morning

Finally!! I remembered to take pictures first thing in the morning. I'm loving the difference. I'm curious about the marble treatment on the belly button. I haven't done it, and so far, I don't think I will because I love it so far-it reminds me of mine pre-pregnancy.

Whoa-what a view!

It's amazing how lighting and angles can make some things look huge, misshapen, or small.
I didn't have an appointment today, but I went anyway because my tape was pealing and I thought they'd just reapply. The nurse took it off, instructed me to moisturize with anything for a week, then begin scar treatment. My next appointment is in two weeks. I must say, I am overall happy with all the scars. There is a little area on my TT scar that's raised, but it's still early and I'm not concerned. Looking at my boobs, it doesn't surprise me seeing the veins on my right side. I'm a phlebotomist's dream. Lol
I also posted pics with my top bc, really, that's all people are going to see.
Not bad at all 20 days out! Have a great day, ladies! :)

Progress is Progress

A little over three weeks out, and everyday is a little better. Yesterday I vacuumed, mopped, did laundry and gave the three kids a bath for the first time. I thought I'd be sore today, and I wasn't. While doing those chores I did feel little twinges that lasted half a sec, but was fine. This week, I've just been putting coconut oil (my cure for everything) on the scars, and I can tell a difference on the raised area on the TT. Next week, I begin scar treatment.
Oh, also, I tried on some jeans that fit w a muffin top before, and last week fit without a muffin top. Yesterday, I put the on and there was wiggle room!

Curly Hair Protocol for my SWOLEsister, Rosey :)

My hair is suuuuuper curly. Has been all my life, and it was when I was on maternity leave with my last that I finally learned to love it and manage it. Lol
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Shea Moisture products-all good ingredients in there and have tried a bunch of their stuff but my go to for after the shower is the leave in conditioner down below. The other stuff, I switch out and try different Shea Moisture line. Oh, also use coconut oil on the days I don't wash to help style-if I do a braid or bun...
I only wash like 1-2 times a week even though I work out 6 times a week. I guess that's the perk of not working out now-hair is looking good for longer! Lol
To prevent too much frizz and bc I have so much and super thick hair, after the shower, I towel dry w microfiber towel, apply stuff, and take a few strands and twist. That's how it dries. I sleep on a silk pillowcase to help w frizz and breakage.
Hope you got something out of it, Rosey!!

Oiled up!

Here are some pictures of my scar progression. If you compare it from just a few days ago, it's a big difference! This week I'll begin the scar treatments w silicone products but I've been using coconut oil with frankincense and lavender recommended by my neighbor who is an essential oil guru. Lol
My son had a fever and she gave me thieves and peppermint. I tried it without using meds, and he woke up fever free. I had been using the nebulizer on my two year old for over two weeks and she told me to use thieves and Raven. I stopped the nebulizer and her cough is gone!
I will use what the doctor says for my scar, but I'm definitely going to continue this oil regimen too!!

"My Mommy has Big Boobs"

My two year old is obviously loving the upgraded me because she isn't shy to tell random people, "my mommy has big boobs!" Over the weekend it was her teacher at church. She has told her Montessori teacher, and this morning, she told a random parent at school. She cracks me up. It's a good thing I've told everybody too! Haha
The picture is what I wore this am that prompted that. Lol


#tbt to what WAS (sucking in and letting it all hang) a few weeks ago and what IS today. When I was gifted this shirt, I strictly used it for pj's. Now I can wear it for WODs and errands.
#mommymakeover #byeDiastasisRecti #stillhealing #4weekspostop

Bathing suits and scar progression

Thanks to a real self "SWOLEsister", I learned that Victoria's Secret was having a sale on their bathing suits, that they're great quality,& that they won't be carrying them anymore. I order right after I read her update and they came in today!! I couldn't try them on until the end of day so I'm kind of swollen. I also tried on a suit I bought from Lululemon before surgery(which looked awful before).


Coughs and sneezes haven't hurt for a while, and I've been sleeping comfortably on my belly (with a little tightness) for probably a little less than two weeks.
I have a dry throat/cold (thanks kids!), and I was on my belly sleeping an let out a good cough. Since that happened last night, I have like a dull ache in one little area, coughing aggravates that one particular area...more annoying than anything! Point of the story is even though I've been feeling great, things are still on the mend on the inside.
Oh, and this is my last week of my "work hiatus". I go back next Tuesday.
Also, I do my own Botox and do it on my mom, so I'm going to order today. I'll post pics on this review instead of doing a new one.
Happy Monday!

Big Day!!

I will be 5 weeks tomorrow and so much has happened today:
1. I woke up feeling pretty flat, so I snapped a pic of it all and my fave compression garment.
2. I saw my doc for a post op and he OFFICIALLY cleared me to workout and swim (of course building up to what I did before). He said I can wear any bra I feel comfortable with. AND I asked him to write a doctor's note excluding me from chores and work until 2017. Lol...
Oh, he also said I have a lot of swelling left in my belly-holy smokes-so I will be flatter?! Woot, woot!!
3. I WORKED OUT!!! How great to sweat again!! Here was what I did:
5 rounds
400m run
15 DB front squats with 25#
15 DB curls w 12.5#
15 bent over DB rows w 15#
4. I came home to find the extra Victoria's Secret bottoms I ordered-I love the cheeky style-it doesn't dig and it is super flattering.

Extra pics from last post

First three workouts

Three days ago, I was given the green light to start back with light cardio and light weights. I don't know what that means. Lol, so I just listened to my body. I prefer group settings, but before I go back to crossfit or meet with my trainer, I want to build my stamina, strength, and endurance. All of these workouts felt great although I did notice quite a bit of swelling after. I did wear the compression wrap they sent me home in, and I will probably continue to for now.
25 air squats
Repetitions: 21-15-9-7 (increasing weight and speed)
400m run
Bicep curls (slow)
Shoulder presses
High pulls
End with 25 air squats

50 air squats
5 rounds
15 bent arm lateral raises
15 external rotation on cable
15 internal rotation on cable
Buy out: 50 air squats

5 rounds
400m run
15 DB front squats
15 DB curls
15 bent over DB rows

Counting macros...

I think I eat relatively healthy, but the more I'm looking into goals I have personally, I've learned it is all about what, how much, and when I eat that will get me to the goals (I just want to get lean and strong and healthy). I'm going to count my macronutrients and see...
I've never food prepped before; I'm seeing I've got a lot to learn.
I'm going to weigh in, take measurements and photos every three weeks.
I'm scared....but I have a few friends from Crossfit that have done this and have totally leaned out...I've got nothing to lose...just fat!

Hurricane Matthew

So there is a heading right to us and I've been prepping all day. I've been dealing w shutters and packing for me and my kids-we will all stay down the road with my parents. You can see in the pic some belly swelling and I am a little sore.
The macro counting has been good!! In fact, I packed my food scale! Lol. Wish us luck!!

Botox party/hurricane party

I know we will be losing electricity soon and the Botox needs to be refrigerated, so I decided to give it to myself and mom tonight. I'll post before and after in a few days so u can see the difference

Botox update

Bye bye garment

Today is the first day without my garment. And I chose a crop top! Trying to keep today low key to limit swelling, but it's happening. I think I'll slowly transition out. I'm so happy with this choice. Oh, and I think I'm signing up for a 5k October 28.

Crop top pics


I feel like I've turned a corner. After surgery, I never really had issues and felt pretty good for the most part. I think these last couple of days, I'm pretty close to 100%. And the reason I say "close" is because I know there is still internal healing, scar maturation, etc. But, physically, it's great. Today I didn't wear my garment to work out and I ran two miles at a decent pace-9:15min/mi with zero pain/twinges/burns. I increased weights on movements with no issues.
The pictures are before surgery, after this am's workout. And a picture to show how I can't make an omelette if my life depended on it (at least it tasted good!)
And update on counting my macros: good!! I have friends (and SWOLEmates like u) to keep me accountable. And I've gone down from 142.6 to 137.2!

A quickie but goodie

These last three weeks or so I've been doing my own workout at the clubhouse. I like short but effective, and I like to have a plan before I go. This took about 30 min and felt so good.
Warm up: 800m run (.5 miles) at 9:30min/mile
50 squats
Run 400m (.25 miles) faster
40 front arm raises
Run 400m faster
30 mid rows on machine
Run 400m faster
20 tricep pull downs on machine (weight was tugging on belly so I lightened it up)
Run 400m faster
10 super slow curls with the dumb bells
Run 400m fastest

Eight weeks already??

By the time I got to kid #3, I had a hard time keeping up w how many weeks old they were. I feel the same with this! Lol Here are a bunch of pics on progress. Swelling is a lot less and I only wear garments at night. I'm still taking bromelian. I bought a big bottle, so I'll finish it. I also found unused arnica, so I've been rubbing that on my belly. For scar treatment , I like the liquid silicone application and my lavender/frankincense/coconut oil concoction. :)

Me and mini-me

Yup-I'm THAT mom. lol I have two boys (6&4years old) and My two year daughter. We all went shopping today, and I saw this on the storefront. I had to at least try it on. I never thought I'd wear a formfitting dress! I bought them!! Haha-look at her-she's only two and she's all like "you're so embarrassing, mom".... not really, but I'm sure that's coming!!!

Sunday Funday

Usually I take Sunday to rest, but mom was willing to watch the kids so I can get a little workout in. It was fun! I'm not one who sweats too much but this had me sweating. Took about 40 min. Effective. Thought I'd share:
800m run
25 shoulder presses
25 front squats
25 bicep curls
25 front squats
800m run
25 bent over lateral raises
25 squat w a shoulder press (aka: thruster)
25 tricep extensions
25 thrusters
800m run
25 upright row
25 regular squats
25 dumb bell snatches
25 regular squats
800m run

Baby Got Back!

Good morning! I did not want to get up at 5am to workout, but I am so glad I did! This had my upper back and deltoid like jello by the end. Try it, and let me know. I also posted a picture post workout and shower to show there isn't too much swelling.
4 rounds
800m run
25 upright rows
25 bent over rows
25 American kettle bell swings-KB overhead
25 tricep dips
I could feel the implants shift a little w the dips, so I brought my feet in a little.


Tabata is a high intensity interval training workout. It lasts 4 minutes, it's 8 rounds with
20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. I have an app on my phone that I can customize work/rest times. I did 4-4minute sets.
#1-bicep curls
-alternate down to half way up and halfway up to all the way up
-alternate full air squats and squat pulses
#3-front raises
-alternate between palms in and palms out
#4-dead lifts
Run 400m before #1,#2,#3,#4

The squats had me screaming. Lol. I had to increase weight on the upper body to make me sweat a little more, and the 400m were sprints.

Here is what I am thinking for tomorrow:
400m warm up
1 min stations
-hammer curls
-front squats
-tricep pulldowns
Sprint 400m
-reverse curl
-tricep extension
-squat hold
Sprint 400m

Macro counting is still going strong. I lost another 2 lbs! And what's even better, I got my husband on board too!

Friday WOD

AHbod, this is for you, swolesister, and all the other swolesisters that need a little variety in their gym routines. I got today's wod from my crossfit gym. I haven't started back yet, but I think I will (with modifications) in December or January.

Warm up: mile run
100 bicep curls (any way u would like)
100 squats
100 front raises (any way u would like)
100 lunges (any way: front, side...)
Cool down: mile run

I'm going to try and program the workouts a few days in advance just so I'm not drowning your newsfeed! Lol have a happy weekend!

Updated photos

November I scheduled to start back with my trainer once a week at least. I asked if there is anything i can work on these next couple of weeks before we start. He said I should work on stability. Single leg movements..lateral movements...reverse flies,lower back work and balance movements. since I can do strict core work, this will help strengthen the core too. and time under tension so when I'm doing resistance trading I will think about a slow tempo and really recruiting all those muscle fibers. Oh, and stretching, which I suck at. I need to be better. Sooo....I will program my training next week to follow his orders!
I've been feeling great! I'm going to run 5k around the neighborhood this weekend since Florida has a cooler front coming.
I do still swell. Not too bad, but you can see in the pictures. I meet with the doctor on Friday for a follow up.
I'm still finishing the bromelain and arnica. And I still put the liquid silicone scar stuff on.

Workouts for the week

Soo, I must start off with keeping it real. I've been counting macros for a month and doing well. Yesterday, the kids had me so frustrated in the fitting room that I told myself I DESERVE a huge cupcake. I didn't share. And it was worth it. Lol. I'm tightening up the belt this week and started with a six mile run outside. No cramps or pains just got a little dehydrated the last mile. Also, you will see my plan for the week. Let me know if it doesn't make sense. Lol.
Friday, I meet with my surgeon, so I will update on the progress. Have a great week!!

Follow up with Dr.

On Friday I had my follow up with my Dr. It had been nine weeks since my full tummy tuck with muscle repair, full lift, and augmentation with 350cc ultra high profile silicone gel implants. Everything has been healing and feeling great. The doctor was happy I was tracking my macros and that I've lost some weight with it. He pretty much lifted the ban on push ups and pull ups, so I incorporated some push ups in my club house workouts. Wednesday, I start back with my trainer and I'm so excited. I'll let you know how my push ups feel. Other than that: I still wear compression at night even though he said I don't have to at this point. Depending on my activity and salt intake, I am more swollen end of day which he said is still normal. Have a great week!

Review on push ups

Since I got the clearance to begin to try push ups, pull ups, and lat pulldowns, I incorporated them today in my workout. I tried a push up a few weeks ago (against dr. Orders) & it felt REALLY weird. Today, it only felt a teenie bit weird, so it'll just get better. I updated pictures. There is a little area at the top of my vertical incision that has a wrinkle/stretch mark that's not covered by my bathing suit, & I mentioned it. He said it's an easy little revision, so I will probably address it in the future. I'm thrilled with the results. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It's definitely improved the quality of my life!

Pics, workouts, and progress

Not much has changed lately. Today I finished my last bromelain pill,so I won't be getting anymore. I still have about a quarter of a tube of arnica, so I will finish up. I just finished the scar guard md, and I have mixed feelings about it. I like how easy it is to apply (the tape I used before was just so annoying). However, it flakes so quickly and I wonder how effective it truly is. I ordered another jar of it, so I'll keep using it on my belly. I stopped using anything on my boobs.
Also, I can't help but think I might need a revision. I see a little stretch mark/wrinkle at the top of the vertical incision, but I feel like I have little dog ears at the side of my incision. It's not horrible and could totally live with it. I'll ask about it when I see him in January and see what he says. What do u think?

No limits

I'm so pleased to be back with my trainer with no limitations. I think I will start back up with crossfit in December. I miss it too much and really haven't felt bad with the movements ive done thus far. A friend took these pictures this am. I'm glad she did because my gym has no mirrors, so it's nice to see progress.
Here is my plan the next few days.
Tabata (8 rounds of 20s on, 10s off)
#1. Bicep curls
#2. Squat holds
#3. Planks
#4. Oblique work
400m runs between 8 rounds

4 rounds
Cable work:
15 internal rotation
15 external rotation
15 tricep pulldowns
15 reverse bicep curls
400m run

4-6 mile run


What the what?!

How many weeks post op am I?!?! A lot. Friday, I got out of the shower, and I noticed like a raised bruise. This was weird bC I've had absolutely zero issues with my boobs. My next post op appointment is January, so I called and scheduled to go tomorrow. As the days progressed, it started looking like a little blood blister, when all of a sudden, I find that while at church, it popped!
Could be nothing but a stitch or something working its way out, or could be a little more complicated. I'll let you know what he says after my appointment tomorrow. I'm also bringing up little dog ear issue I think I might have and to see what he has to say. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

Follow up

Today I went for a follow up. Friday I noticed a bruised area that was a little raised and by Sunday, it had popped. I suspected a stitch working it's way out, but I wanted to hear it from Dr. Giles.
Sure enough that's what he said. Phew. He also said I didn't have to change anything I am already doing and that it will heal up in its own. As far as gym restrictions, he was very lax and said "if it hurts, don't do it."
After my appointment, I decided to go to Nordstrom's because I was on a hunt for nude bras, I love their customer service, and I needed to be sized.
Man oh man, they really treat you like a queen, and I found out I'm a 34D in Chantelle bra and 34DD in the natori bra. They are both so comfortable, pricey, but exactly what I was looking for.
I mentioned my dog ear, and he acknowledged them, and said it's an easy fix we will address at my next post op visit after the holidays.
Over all, a fabulous day!


Hey guys, here is a progress picture and a blast from the past pic of a couple weeks before my mommy makeover and this morning after my training session. Omg-no regrets AT ALL. My boob is healing. Every day gets better. Oh, and great news: after my upper body session with my trainer today, I got the courage to try kipping pull ups. Before I could do 13 in a row. I wasn't expecting even one, but I strung 4 together! I was so proud.

Happy Thanksgiving

Started of thanksgiving morning with a five mile turkey trot with my dad. When I got home, I checked out Facebook and saw a pic I posted exactly a year ago (to my private "post baby" album). I put on the same pjs and took a pic. Big difference! Wishing my SWOLEsisters a happy day with your family.

Filling out

I took the top picture the week before my surgery. We celebrated my oldest son's birthday a week early because his birthday was the day before my surgery. I wore the same style shirt to the gym this am-I use to use my gym tops as bathing suits! I loved everything about the top picture EXCEPT my deflated boobs and inflated belly. Now, it's reversed and I can enjoy EVERYTHING.

4 months post op

Hey SWOLEsisters, it's been a while (for me) since I've updated. It was partly because nothing has really changed, but mostly because of the craziness of end of the year.
I did some bra shopping yesterday, and I got some cute ones. My size at Victoria's Secret is 32DD and 34D. I also got a couple of cute dresses-belt or no belt?
Physically, I'm feeling great. I've still been exercising 6 days a week. I'm still tracking my macros on myfitnesspal app, but have been a little lax this holiday season. Tracking has helped me not go overboard on the peppermint bark and Christmas cookies! I've only gained 1-2 pounds since I've loosened up on the diet. In January, I'll get back on track and lose the 7ish pounds I'd love to lose.
Emotionally, I feel amazing. I feel like this is the way I was meant to look for the amount of work I put in. To be truthful, there are some days I wish my boobs were a tad bigger, but that's what push ups are for! If they were bigger, I'd wish they were a tad smaller.
Scar treatment: I haven't done that in a while. Mostly because I think I'll be getting a little revision of my belly in January/February, but also out of laziness. Lol
Overall: best decision I've ever made, and I'm soooo glad I chose to do this now while I'm young and can enjoy it.
Hope everyone survived the holidays. Happy 2017!!

Bench Press PR

I did not have great expectations of hitting my previous personal records after surgery. I thought "it would be nice..." but as long as I looked the way I felt I should for working out 6 days a week, I was good.
Today, my trainer wanted to find a heavy single on the bench press. My previous personal record was 135. I hit 156!!! Couldn't believe that only 4 months after a mommy makeover with a full lift and implants under the muscle that I would hit that! There was no pain or discomfort with it or building up to it. I guess the less range of motion due to the big boobs made it easier to get!! Lmao! This surgery was the best choice. Ever!
I see my surgeon in a couple weeks and we will talk about a possible revision for little dog ears along the tummy tuck scar. I'll keep you posted!

Follow up: almost 5mo post op

Friday I had a follow up with my surgeon. This is the appointment that we were waiting for to see if and when we need to schedule removal of my little "dog ears" and the little wrinkle along the vertical incision. We determined that the dog ears need to be addressed (scheduled at no charge). He thought the little wrinkle was getting better. What do u think? Would it bother u?
He said for both sides it'd take less than 30min with just a few days out of the gym.
Speaking of the gym, my trainer was finishing training w a lady that had gone to the same dr for lipo, full tummy tuck, and a lift. She had not watched her diet or exercised since her surgery in June. Whoa!! Surgery DOES NOT mean you can ignore your eating habits and activity. I'm still tracking food more for accountability and I crossfit 5-6 times a week. I did 60 pull ups in a wod today with dubs and runs. Had zero issues.


I wanted to add that I asked the dr about ab workouts and restrictions. The other day at crossfit there were A LOT of sit ups programmed and I chose not to do them. When I asked the Dr, he said I could do what I want; however, he doesn't see the need to do so much. Just thought I would share.

13.1 training

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a quick update on the last few weeks. I've decided to run a half marathon and have been working on increasing mileage. Saturday, I'm planning on running ten miles. Today I ran a short distance, but my pace is starting to get back to what it was pre-surgery, which is nice. Another reason I posted the picture was to show that when I started running, I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, and after mile 1, I wrapped it around my waist. Pre-surgery I NEVER would've! I'm starting to drink a gallon of water a day which I use to do a couple of years ago, and am going to start again. February 14, I get my revision, so I'll update u then. Happy healing!


Time flies: 6 months post op today!

6 months ago was my mommy makeover. In the past 7 years I had nursed three kids for a year each, I had gained and lost over fifty pounds three times, I had three c-sections. I had worked out an average of six days a week (sometimes twice a day), raced in numerous 5k's, and finished 5 half marathons. My ab muscles were still separated 4", and I looked deflated all over.
I still workout 6 days a week, and I'm running another half marathon next week. I feel stronger and more confident than ever, and I'm so happy I did this!
I had a revision scheduled for next week but I am running a half marathon a few days after and doc and I didn't think that would be wise. Lol. Rescheduled for mid-march.

13.1 miles

Sunday, I ran my fifth half marathon and first since my surgery over six months ago. Felt great! Legs were a little sore Monday but I still made it to crossfit Monday. Revision of TT is next week. I'll keep you updated.


Yesterday I went in for my tummy tuck revision. I had a couple dog ears and I noticed a little bulge on one side more than the other and I addressed it to see if anything could be done about it, so he worked on that too. It was uneventful which is good: local anesthesia and we were chit chatting while he sliced and diced. Lol. Today it feels like a bruise/long paper cut. He said I can't do any heavy lifting/heavy exercise until I see him March 27 bc he said in addition to the extra skin, he removed some fat as well. I left all padded up, then overdid it at home last night while my husband played racquetball so the left side that had more work was bleeding. Hubby came home with surgical dressings, but I found that pads work way better and are less bulky. I have to wear them until the oozing stops (I don't want it to get on my clothes). He said to leave the steristrips on during shower and until I see him. Happy healing, ladies!

8 day post revision

I had my revision surgery last Thursday, and for the first couple of days, I took Motrin just for a little soreness. He told me not to exercise for a week, but I definitely did not follow doctor's orders and was crossfitting 3 days later. Felt fine though. I'm at the itchy stage, but I'm super happy with the removal of the dog ears.

Revision update

Heya guys. Just wanted to update on the revision I had on the most lateral areas of my tummy tuck. Stitches have been out for a couple weeks, and I peeled the tape off a few days after the suture removal. I've just put coconut oil on it bC I'm not too concerned about scarring. All my bathing suits cover it. I have been using scar treatment on the vertical incision bc that's visible. I think the pictures or lighting make it look worse. Really doesn't bother me. Happt healing!


For you lifters and gym goers and crossfitters who are hesitant about the mommy makeover because you don't want to compromise you gains, don't be fearful and just do it. I PR'd my back squat today at #205, and feel great. Best of all, I look like how I feel-strong! (I'm in the black shirt in the picture). I've been able to do push ups and pull ups with no problems and have also met my chest press numbers. Happy healing everyone!


We just got back from a cruise and it was nice to sport a bathing suit and not be self conscious about it. I was also able to get a good workout in so I didn't feel too guilty about all the food! Lol


Another month, everything fells great. No limitations. Scars are fading, and I'm still applying the liquid scar away to the vertical part of the incision. Revision has healed flawlessly. Happy healing.

Setback and update

Hey SWOLEsisters, I just wanted to update you on a setback to warn you (and myself) that although I'm 9 months post op there still should be some sort of caution.
Last week at crossfit, I had to do a few bar muscle ups in the workout and as I was doing it, I thought "good thing my belly is still kind of numb bC that's a lot of pressure". Later on that day and for a few days after I had sharp piercing pains along the incision. Alternating between Motrin and Tylenol helped. A few days later, it was like nothing happened. My friend is an emergency medicine doc and he thinks it could have been breaking up of scar tissue or some internal bruising. Lesson learned.
Flash forward to this week, and I'm doing great! Between zoning in on macros, the flu I caught last month, and this piercing pain I had last week, I lost like six pounds to put me at my goal weight! I tested my body fat % and that vastly improved too!
I said this before, but I was nervous going into surgery bC I was the strongest I had been. Setting realistic goals helped me come out even stronger! Good luck, ladies!!

For a friend...

A friend of mine is getting a TT Thursday and asked to see my B.B. I snapped this picture and thought I'd just update here too :)


Throughout this journey, I had created a private album on Facebook, and I was reflecting on it recently. A picture came up (almost a year ago), and I happened to be wearing the same pj top this am. I snapped a quick pic. Wow. The difference. I remember having to suck in all the time and the feeling of my insides feeling like they were going to pour out. Now i feel so much more secure: physically, emotionally, and in every way possible.

Nerve zings ten months post op

About a month ago, I noticed some nerve zings in my right breast that I hadn't had in a while. I've been doing two a day workouts 4-5 times a week, so I thought it would be that but I scheduled a follow up w my surgeon just in case. I also noticed (in my right breast more), that the nice slope i once had looks more like my pec muscle then the implant (I'm exaggerating, but I noticed a difference). I brought those concerns to the surgeon.
He said the nerve zings are normal. He said listen to my body and never do anything that is painful.
About the transition of pec to nipple, he said it is from my weightloss (I've lost close to 20lbs since October). He said solutions are to gain weight (he doesn't recommend and I don't want to either) or get a bigger implant (which we both don't recommend).
I'm happy where things are and got peace of mind that all is within normal.
Hope y'all are well!

Happy Fourth of July, SWOLEsisters

Just wanted to update that the nerve zings I felt last post on my breasts are totally gone. I spent the am and early pm poolside, and my husband snapped this picture. I don't regret this journey for a second. Happy healing and enjoy the process.

Pictures for my SWOLEsister, Rosey

I met Rosey on here and our surgery dates were a day apart and we follow each other's journey and cheer each other on. She recently posted about her stomach laxity due to big twins she carried. Although she's happy w her MM, the poor skin quality of the belly is causing a look she's not happy with when she bends over at 45 degrees. Did I ft it right, Rosey? :)
I can relate in ways too: I carried three large kids and gained and lost between 45-65 pounds within four years. My belly skin does not look like the rest. These photos are to show that even surgery, good eating habits, and exercise sometimes cannot fix everything. Love yourself, stand tall, smile, and be strong, SWOLEsisters!!

#mommymakeover redefined

I know the standard definition of mommy makeover surgery, but to me, it is defined as anything a mama does to get her swag back post babies. lol. I had tissue tags with all three pregnancies and removing those was my first "mommy makeover" procedure. Of course, I had the abdominoplasty, lift, and implants. I give myself Botox in between the eyes every 4 months (I'll be doing it again next week). This past Monday, I had laser hair removal to remove underarm hair and everything "down there". lol I was nervous because I heard it was very painful. It wasn't bad AT ALL! We had a conversation the whole time! She said it will take about 6 sessions every 6-8 weeks, and each time, there should be less hair. I'm already noticing less hair. I waited until after kids because I heard that hormone changes may grow hair (or skin tags like I had). I'm not making a new review for it because this is all part of MY mommy makeover Journey: getting my swag back!


Posting all my "mommy makeover" stuff on this one review. I've been giving myself botox for years now. I just do right between my eyes, maybe 3 times a year. I can tell when I'm ready when I start to see the " l l " between my eyes when I squint. You'll notice when I post again, they won't be there. Does not hurt. Super easy.

#mommymakeover botox

Here is before and after botox. I've been doing it for about 7 years so my before isn't as bad as it was before. I do it about every 4 months.

11 month update

I can't believe it's almost going to be a year! Here are some updates photos. I am feeling fantastic. My biggest message would be to just do it. BUT don't think this is the magic fix Diet and exercise are CRITICAL to get you the shape you want. I can chat more about that if you'd like. Best decision I've made. I'll post more detailed pictures, before/afters, etc after my year follow up next month. Happy healing, SWOLEsisters!

High waisted jeans

I've always thought they were cute, but w all that extra skin and diastasis, high waisted jeans weren't flattering at all before the mommy makeover. Now that I got my swag back, I am wearing them confidently.

Stretch marks

I just wanted to share, that abdominoplasties only remove the stretch marks they cut out during surgery. The stretch marks that remain use to be above my belly button.

First crossfit competition

I wanted to share this because I never would've had the confidence (even before kids) to wear just a sports bra to work out. This surgery has given me so much confidence. Oh, also, I went shopping today and fit into 00 with no muffin top! I had my body fat tested when I first got cleared to workout and it was 26%. I had it tested last week and I'm at 15.6%. I think surgery+fitness+food choices really helped in my journey reach optimal results.

1 year post op visit and Nutrition

I want to share with you about my visit with my plastic surgeon yesterday for my one year post mommy makeover. August 25, 2016, I went into surgery for a tummy tuck, breast lift, and augmentation. I went in the strongest I have ever been, crossfitting 5 days a week and having done 3 half marathons that year. I am 5'1" and weighed 142 pounds before surgery. I was wearing size 2/4 and small/med.
The surgery went well, healing was effortless. When I had clearance to workout again, I weighed the same presurgery, and at that point, although I looked better than pre-surgery, my goal was to build strength again. I was talking to my coach about nutrition and I told her I eat healthy. She didn't disagree, but she opened my eyes to that fact that my quantity of carb, proteins, and fats (macronutrients) might not be what my body needs to fuel my workouts.
In October 2016, I downloaded myfitnesspal app (and paid $50/year to track macros). I lost ten lbs right away.
In February/march I hit a little plateau and lost some motivation but still loosely tracked. After the plateau, I started hitting a bunch of personal records for weight and speed at the gym, so I sat down and created new goals. One goal was to build lean muscle mass and lose body fat. I knew what I needed to do, but needed the accountability, the tweaking of macronutrients weekly, etc to get there.
In June, I signed on with a nutritional counseling group that really focuses on community, accountability, and education globally. And I REALLY started seeing results. My husband signed on and it's incredible. We are just halfway through this and are so pleased. I currently weigh 116, and am a size 0/00 xxs-sm
What I love about counting macronutrients is the flexibility of food choices. I don't consider it a "diet" bC I'm giving my body exactly what it needs to fuel me. We re celebrating my son's 7th birthday today, and so I definitely programmed in his cookies and mint chip icecream cake!
My surgeon hadn't seen me for months and was blown away by my "after". I'm not done yet. I think it's important to always set goals (whatever they may be) and work toward them.
I'm happy to answer any questions about fitness, surgery, or nutrition because as a doctor, and someone who's had a lifelong relationship with fitness, food and helping others, I'm happy to help in any way I can.


We are our own worst critics. Tomorrow will be the eve of my mommy makeover surgery I had last year.
Yesterday, I saw a new action picture from the competition I was just in, and although I am content w my upper back in the picture, I can't help but look at my lower back and booty here! Lol.
Right away, I looked at my picture from this time last year, paired it with one from this morning, and course corrected.
Ladies, be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Love the journey, and course correct when you need to. :)

Year anniversary

This time last year I was just getting out of surgery. How time flies! This was the best decision ever, and I am so grateful to this site for providing the testimonies I've closely followed to make this journey even better. I'm also thankful I got to share my testimony with you guys! I love the positivity on this site! Keep on, keeping on, SWOLEsisters!!!

Time heals...

Time heals all wounds. I was taking weekly photos for my nutritional counselor, and as I was editing, I noticed the last two had my tummy tuck scar. I barely even noticed!! I don't know if it was the ointments and oils or just time, but it's continually fading away.
Dr. Giles

I have a lot of friends, including my mother, who has had beautiful breast work by Dr. Giles. When I knew I was done having kids, I knew I had to at least consult with him for my mommy makeover. I'm so glad I did. His office is beautiful, his team is wonderful, and he is phenomenal. He is very helpful, patient, kind, and very honest when he answers questions. My surgery is scheduled for August, and I know it will be a great road to recovery with such a good team taking care of me.

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