22, No Kids, 32A to 32C! Textured Anatomical 225cc Submuscular

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Hi everyone! I've been on here a while & I...

Hi everyone! I've been on here a while & I haven't found many women like me, who are small chested & just want a subtle size increase, so I'm hoping my review will help others like me! Dr Jeffries & I decided on Mentor 225-250cc textured anatomical implants, as I desire a natural, conservative look. My BA is 20 days away! Let the countdown begin!

Pre-Op Pics

I just wanted to add a few thoughts and pics. I wear 32A bras, but all my bras are heavily padded and push-up, and I don't fill out the cups so I'm probably a AA. I'm 5'4" and 120lbs, and have always been self conscious about my breasts. They're asymmetrical, small, and ugly. I'm very active and I don't want large breasts at all- I just want to feel like a woman. If people hear I got a boob job, I want them to say "are you sure? That looks so natural!" not "oh obviously, those are so fake!" I went to the consultation wanting 200cc implants but after trying on sizers, decided on 225 to 250cc, letting my PS decide on the day of surgery! Although I may tell him I want smaller rather than bigger. 19 days to go! I'll update after surgery!

Tomorrow is the big day!

My surgery is tomorrow and I'm so excited! I'm also nervous and a bit regretful, but from what I've seen on here that's pretty normal. It's a big decision and it's normal to have doubts, right? I have also seen on here where women similar in pre-op size to me have gotten 250cc and it's brought them up to a D cup, which I do not want. I want to be at the most a C cup, so I may tell my PS tomorrow that I would rather go with the 225cc (as he is supposed to decide during the surgery between 225-250cc). I'm attaching a full body side profile to show how disproportionate I am right now. I'll update after the surgery! Wish me luck! :)

The proud owner of new boobs :)

I had my surgery today! I'm about 2 and a half hours post op and feeling pretty good. They woke me up after surgery, took me to recovery, fed me ice chips and let me wake up a bit, then gave me ice water, juice, and crackers. My mouth was/is so dry, it's hard to eat anything! Lol. After eating and drinking a bit, they brought me my clothes and my mom helped me get dressed (she's a godsend). They wheeled me out to the car and we're on our way home! We have a three hour car ride. I'm feeling achy and tight, and there's a lot of pressure, but overall I don't feel half bad! I talked to Dr Jeffries before the surgery and asked for 225cc's (as opposed to 250) and he obliged. So I ended up getting Mentor MemoryShape (teardrop) medium height, high profile 225cc implants. Overall, the team and nurses were all so friendly and caring, and it went so smoothly. I'm planning on napping a bit in the car, and taking it nice and easy when I get home. I'll update tomorrow!

( . ) ( . )

I know I said I would update tomorrow, but that's because I thought I would be feeling too sore/in pain to take pictures tonight, but I was wrong! I'm sore and tight, but I would put the pain at a 2 or 3 out of 10! Got my first look at the girls, and I'm satisfied. My nipples are swollen, my breasts themselves are somewhat torpedo-shaped, and they're a bit bigger than I expected, but I know the swelling will go down and once they drop and fluff, they will look much better. I'm glad I went with the 225cc instead of the 250! I'm drinking lots of water (both regular and coconut) and I ate pudding and jello. So excited to see them become more natural.

Photos didn't upload with last update

Two days post-op

So morning boob is a real thing. And it's a real bitch. I've been sleeping with a wedge pillow underneath me so I'm a bit reclined, and every time I try get up after lying down for a while, I feel like I'm a turtle stuck upside down. Getting up is a process that I have to talk myself into! lol but once I'm up and moving around, I'm way less stiff and sore. I took a shower today and did just fine, but it was my first time seeing my breasts while being completely naked. My original boobs were shaped funny and had a large gap between them, and I'm so hoping my new boobs will move closer together and have a better shape, as they still look very weird and torpedo-ish. Come on boobs, drop and fluff and look nice please!

Day 5

Hi everyone! Today is 5 days post-op and I'm doing very well. My morning boob has subsided quite a bit and I'm not nearly as sore. Yesterday, my boyfriends dad had surgery, so we were at the hospital most of the day, which was my first time out of the house since I was home from surgery, and I did just fine. I've switched from norco to Tylenol, and am having regular BM's, which I wasn't the first couple days. While I was out I overextended my left arm while pushing open a door and felt a ripping sensation in my left breast, on the inside cleavage side. It was painful for about 5 seconds, then turned into a dull burning for an hour or so, then subsided completely. I called my PS and he assured me that as long as there was no swelling, bruising, redness, or excessive pain, then everything should be just fine. My range of motion in my arms is getting better, too. I did have the boobie blues a couple days ago, feeling upset that I went too big and was too top heavy- but my boyfriends mother (who knew about the surgery and was super supportive) didn't even notice a difference and said it looked like I just had one of my old super padded bras on. Yay! That's exactly what I was going for.

One week PO! Happy Spring!

One week has flown by! I barely have any pain anymore- my right breast doesn't hurt/isn't sore at all. My left is still a bit sore. Also my right nipple is erect a majority of the time, which is weird haha. I do think my right has dropped a bit more. Another weird thing- ever since I got out of surgery, my skin, particularly on my face, has been super oily. Normally my skin is a little on the dry side, so this has been a strange change- but after a little googling, it seems like it's not unheard of for skin to become oily after surgery. Also I tried on a bralette I got a few months ago and was afraid I was going to be too big for it but I filled it out really nicely! Overall, my breasts still seem a bit pointy and wide-spaced, but I'm being patient and optimistic!

11 days PO

Hi girls! It's already been 11 days, holy! I was supposed to have my post-op appointment today, but due to the horrible weather had to reschedule. I spoke to my PS briefly on the phone though and he asked how I was doing, which was very nice. And I'm doing great! My left breast is still a little tender, and my skin and nipples are sensitive. My boobs are dropping at different rates- the right is lower and softer. My left was higher pre-op, so I realize it might be higher post-op as well. I'm still sleeping slightly reclined, as I slept one night flat and woke up much more stiff and sore! I think I'll stay reclined a little longer. I measured my new girls today and it turns out I am now a 32C! :) so exciting! I am so happy. I still have moments of doubt where I think I went too big, but those moments are becoming fewer. Overall, I'm doing very well!

3 Weeks!

Hi everyone! These 3 weeks have flown by. I'm a tiny bit sore still, and there is still some swelling, but my range of motion is getting better. I can tell when I overdo it, because the next morning I'm more sore and swollen than normal. I'm able to sleep on my left side with minimal discomfort, but sleeping on my right side is too uncomfortable. My left is still higher, and it might drop down a bit more, but I think it's always going to be higher than the right, since it was before surgery anyway. It doesn't bother me- asymmetry is normal. I have occasional zingers, which I believe are my nerves healing. Also, when I bend over at the waist and then stand back up, I always get a zinger in my left breast. The steri-strips are still hanging on, but are starting to peel off. I still haven't seen my PS for a post-op appointment as we rescheduled to next week. Cheers to healing!

One month

One month (weeks 4 and 5 PO) down! I finally had my post-op appointment and my PS said everything looked great. He cleared me to basically start doing everything, save for lifting heavy objects above 20 pounds. He recommended that I start using scar cream and massaging my scars to smooth them out, and to start gently massaging my breasts to encourage softening. In the last week, I've noticed my breasts have dropped noticeably and my scars have basically smoothed out, so things are getting better by the day. I really don't have any pain anymore, aside from occasional soreness after being active. Overall, I'm so happy. They are just the right size. Now they need to soften up, because they are pretty firm still!

6 Months Post-Op!

Six months have flown by since my surgery and I couldn't be happier with my results. My breasts have dropped, fluffed, and softened so nicely! I can only lay on my stomach for a little while until my breasts get sore, but it's been working out just fine. I have found that I need high-impact sports bras to run or horseback ride, which I never had to worry about before! If I don't use a high impact bra for activities like that, my boobs get sore.
The scars are still more prominent than I would like, but I know they will continue to diminish. I've pretty much told everyone in my life about my implants and they've all been so supportive. My boyfriend even let it slip to his grandmother, and she was so surprised! She genuinely didn't notice, and thinks they are so natural. Success!
Overall, I'm super happy. They aren't perfectly symmetrical, but nothing natural is!
Dr Christopher Jeffries

Dr Jeffries was very warm and friendly during the consultation and made me feel like he really cared about me and my situation. I'm looking forward to having him do my surgery!

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