Totally Worth It for Eyebrows - Toronto, ON

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At the age of 55 I started on a regime of...

At the age of 55 I started on a regime of self-improvement including better wardrobe and makeup.  I am very fair and although I have lots of hair in my eyebrows, they are so fair they are practically invisible.  I never had eyes that were properly framed with a well-groomed brow and didn't know it mattered until I had a consultation with a prominent makeup artist.  I tried for a year to use the liquid brow corrector that was recommended, but simply couldn't get satisfactory results. So I, who am opposed to tattoos, opted for permanent makeup for my eyebrows only.

I selected my my provider after browsing the net and was impressed by her credentials and the time she took on the phone to explain the procedure to me.  She spent about two hours drawing on the correct brow shape and having me approve it before doing the actual procedure.  The local anesthetic injections hurt a lot, but thereafter the procedure was virtually painless. The brows flaked and peeled off within a week, as she said they would do, and there was itching as they healed.

They now look great and I've had several compliments already.  The procedure was very expensive, but you get what you pay for.  The cost includes a follow-up appt. a month later for touch-ups.  It's like the effect of the eyebrow corrector but done correctly.

I'm now getting used to having my face properly framed and would do it again - but NOT on anything except eyebrows.

Permanent Make-Up Artistry

Spent a lot of time addressing my concerns and shaping the brow before doing procedure; 17 years' practical experience in Micro Pigment Implantation; member of Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and other professional organizations.

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