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First, my motivations: I'm young, but I have...

First, my motivations: I'm young, but I have freckly skin, and am already starting to notice fine line around my eyes and forehead. Additionally, and more crucially, I wanted to reduce my acne scars and hope to reduce further acne as well. For my upper back, I got a very bad sunburn about two years ago that severely aged my skin in one fell swoop-- and I was hoping to reverse the unevenness and dark/light spotting combos. After first treatment: Pros: 1) It didn't hurt that bad (take this with a grain of salt- as someone who has done the laser hair removal bikini extended, the photofacial seems almost pain-free). Unfortunately, due to being used to higher pain from the other treatments, I think this caused me to allow them to use the laser at higher strengths than was necessary (which led to some cons). 2) On my back the dark spots started coming to the surface almost immediately (I have fair skin). The technician even stopped to take a picture and show me. 3) Immediately after the treatment I was able to continue my day, so embarrassment from looking like a lobster was nonexistent ( I was a little red). Cons: 1) I felt like I had a sunburn-- the way it feels when its hot and isn't being touched- for over an hour after the treatment. I had to pull over and get ice at a fast-food joint. It still feels 'tight' like sunburns feel, but no heat now (1 day later). 2) My face didn't show much of a difference-- Only a few dark spots got darker. 3) My skin itches-- like peeling from a sunburn-- but it doesn't hurt when scratched (but don't do it!). As for the results, too early to tell. But I keep hearing that I'll look amazing. We'll see how it goes.

American Laser Centers

They really try to accommodate-- at least at mine, if I am in discussion with them about a treatment, and I start getting closer to deciding not to do it, they throw in extra deals/treatments. Avoid any of their credit options, each requires opening a credit card account, and they stopped accepting the first card I got through them.

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