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Hello all Im new to this website and didnt even...

Hello all Im new to this website and didnt even knkw this doctor was here 3 years ago I ended up in his office for a consultation I was looking to have a tummy tuck and breast aug done
Dr.Levine was really nice one the first consultation and It was my first surgeries in my life and I had no idea what I was getting my self into, in a rush I booked my surgery just 2 days later went in for my surgery and my nightmare began when I woke up I was left alone in room in a bed where i was freezing and shaking and no one was there i was trying to call someone but from the shivers i couldnt yell no one came to see me for 45 minutes.
All that was over and I was home now on my first consultation with not only he was super rude answering my questions but he got mad and left the office, on My 2 months post of went to see him and tried to shos him that my tummy tuck was horrible and he didnt do what he told me he was going to do, and my breasts still look saggy because he used a small implant he told me that if I paid half the price of the surgery he would re-do my breasts Again how would I pay when its not my fault then he told me to get out of his office and never come again.
Guys please dont be fooled by this doctor defintley he has no experience and doesnt know what he is doing i was left with a horrible looking scar and also my breast aug u cant tell i had one because my breasts are saggy and look worse then they did b4 the surgery.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Worst doctor ever im so mad at my self for dropping 18000$ at his office for a tummy tuck and breast aug 3 years ago he ruined my life and now I cant even show my self on a bikini.

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