Thinking About a Tummy Tuck! Advice, Please! - Toronto, ON

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I'm in my 20s and last year had a series of...

I'm in my 20s and last year had a series of bad luck. I have burns on my stomach and my tummy got really big from medication that I was taking.

Right now I have a big scar from my burn and my tummy is still large and has stretch marks on it! I look like I had a baby!

I want the tummy tuck to:
-have a flat stomach for the first time in my life
-get rid of my scar
-get rid of my stretch marks

I'm not sure if it's worth it. I've never had kids and I know my stomach will look bad again after children, but I'm also not planning to have children anytime soon.

I'm not sure if the tummy tuck is worth the time. It takes so long to recover and my main concern is the recovery period. I'm so young and I feel like the months spent in bed is a long time to waste.

But I really want to do it.

I'm conflicted.
Any advice?

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