Slim Lipo Anterior/inner Thighs - Toronto, ON

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I had slim lipo on my inner/outer thighs last...

I had slim lipo on my inner/outer thighs last Thursday. I cannot believe how well I felt afterward. A week out, my thighs are really bruised and I have to sit down gingerly but I am pleasantly surprised.

I had a positive mindset going in-- as in, my thigh "bits" could only get better, not worse and I will continue to hold true to this belief until the results are in three months or so from now.

I was under neuroleptic anesthetic-- once the IV drugs went in, I did have some pain that I can recall but then woke up in recovery. The pain I had while sedated was quite strong so I cannot imagine being awake. I saw the cannula and my heart rate already increased!

Like I said before, my legs are a little swollen and super bruised (black, blue, purple, red).

I had little drainage the night of the procedure but protected the couch/bedding as instructed to do so by my certified plastic surgeon.

I was walking my dogs the night of the procedure. I have been back to the gym just doing upper body and light walking on the treadmill.

I am cautiously optimistic about my results. The inner thigh I can tell already is less but I am still seeing the "bits-- saddle bag" on the outer thigh so I have to be patient.

I promise to post some pictures as I found the other reviews very helpful.

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