19 Year Old Female Soccer Player, Noticing Large Prominent Veins in Calves - Toronto, ON

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Hello, I am a 19 year old female soccer player. I...

I am a 19 year old female soccer player. I exercise a lot (running, walking) every single day. Throughout the past year I started weight training intensively and now that the hot weather has arrived I have bulging veins all over my lower legs and feet, specifically one large vein down my inner calf ( Great Saphenous Vein). When I stand for a long period of time, the veins bulge even more and when its very hot out. However, when I am cold, the veins are no longer there. I had a vascular ultrasound done that showed no reflux and normally functioning veins but I was told that I might have inherited weak vein walls. What do you think of this as I do not know if I should get sclerotherapy done or not.
I have also stopped training weights since I noticed my legs.
Thank you
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