Should I Get a Rhinoplasty Done and if So What Type?- Toronto, ON

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Hey, So my sister had a minor accident and also...


So my sister had a minor accident and also another nose issue and due to that she actually got her surgery done a few years ago. Her results were amazing.

I have a normal looking nose except that when i smile or get excited it spreads wide enough and i guess y feature loose their shape. I have always thought i didn't need one but after seeing the change in my sister my mother and my sister keep in asking me to get it fixed.

At this point i am a little iffy. I mean it would be nice to be confident and not cover my nose when i am laughing.

I also do not want to end up looking fake, my sister didn't but that does not mea no one else would?

The reason i asked "what tip of rhinoplasty" is because some people get their nose narrowed overall, is mine to do with tip rhinoplasty and nostrils or do you think I need the full thing?

If anyone has any recommendations for a doctor in Toronto area who is awesome, let me know.



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