PRK Experience - Toronto, ON

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I had PRK done Jan 2013 and its been about a month...

I had PRK done Jan 2013 and its been about a month now. I have to say it has been worth it, and my eyes are still improving daily, weekly, etc.

I started out with -4.5, -4.75 with astigmatism. I had my procedure done at TLC in Toronto and they are amazing.

The day of the procedure, you arrive. They prep you with all the complications that could happen (which I appreciated knowing). The actual procedure only took about 5 mins in total. After it is done, you can kinda see, but then everything gets blurry.

The next 3-5 days is a constand drops, visits to the eye doctor and resting. It took me a full week to return to work. And even then, it was pretty difficult to see the computer screen. That was the one thing I was not prepared for. Its been a month now, and reading the computer has gotten better, but its not like before. I've been told to give it some more time and it will get better. So prepare yourself, if you have a job that is computer dependent, it will be difficult to see clearly for a while.

I had my 1 month check up and I am at 20/25. So much much better than before. I still see halos at night, but I have noticed it is decreasing as time goes by. Hopefully by the 3 month mark everything will clear up.

Things to keep in mind when considering PRK - longer recover, cannot drive for atleast 5-7 days afterwards, reading computer screens are difficult but it gets better. So far its been worth it. Its amazing to wake up in the morning and not reach for my glasses!!

Hope this helps anyone thinking about it.

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