Not Worth It - Toronto, ON

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I have had one photofacial, I got it a few days...

I have had one photofacial, I got it a few days ago. Already I can tell that the areas I was concerned about -- some hyperpigmentation spots from acne due to hormonal birth control -- have not been helped, whereas some areas on my cheeks I didn't even "see" hyperpigmentation have now surfaced and I'll be dealing with trying to cover these areas up for however long it takes them to disappear (a week or two?). I'm disappointed.

I have a feeling the spa where I got this done intentionally didn't treat the areas I was concerned about, so that I'll have to go back for a second/third/forth treatment. I feel like it is a money grab. I actually didn't "feel" the laser on the areas on my chin and I asked the technician if she had done them (because I felt like she hadn't) and she said yes and I was in no place to really argue, but it wasn't sitting right with me that I didn't feel anything in those areas.

Had I known how bad I would look post-treatment, I wouldn't have gotten it done. I haven't left my house in days. Also, one very small blemish I had was exacerbated by the laser and now I have a huge red zit (I never have these).

I'm a Caucasian with blue eyes and brown hair and basically a great candidate for the procedure....but it's already done nothing but make my skin worse and I'm humiliated. I know the skin is supposed to be worse, but in the areas I thought would be "worse" (before they got better) they are the same and the areas that I thought would be fine, are much worse. This whole thing is draining emotionally, physically, mentally and on my bank account. I feel dumb.

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