First of Three Fraxel Treatments - Toronto, ON

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I have scars from severe acne (I'm 47 yrs old)...

I have scars from severe acne (I'm 47 yrs old) and I finally made the decision to do something about them. Just had my first Fraxel re:store treatment 2 days ago...2 more to go.

Pros: painful - even with the numbing gel, my face felt like it was on fire. The pain subsided within a three-hour time frame after the treatment. I used ice packs and slept in an almost seated position to reduce swelling. I also looked lobster red - like I had an extremely bad sunburn.

On day 2, the swelling was awful around my chin and jawline - I looked deformed and the redness was still there. I also developed some whiteheads along my chin and forehead.

On day 3, redness is turning pink but I now have crusty areas throughout. Most of the swelling has subsided - still some around the jaw line. I put makeup on and this covered the redness - I feel like I can go out without anyone asking "hey, what's up with your face?".

Pros: the fine lines on my forehead have been minimized. Some of the fine lines around my eyes are gone. Skin appears more youthful - can't tell what's going on with the scars yet because the area is still quite red.

It is now 2 weeks since my first fraxel treatment....

It is now 2 weeks since my first fraxel treatment. My skin started to flake a lot, especially around the chin and jaw line on day 4 post treatment. The flaking continued on for most of the week but "bronzing" wasn't really much of an issue - it was the flaking dry skin that was really annoying. I had a party to go to on day 8 post treatment and I looked pretty good. Now, into the 2nd week, skin looks smoother and I am quite surprised that I notice a difference after only one treatment. Forehead lines and furrow lines (between my eyebrows) have been minimized slightly. I am looking forward to seeing the results after the next 2 treatments but I'm not looking forward to the treatments themselves and the swelling.

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