Very Limited Results - Not at All Worth the Price - Toronto, ON

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I'm a male in my mid-thirties with a BMI in the...

I'm a male in my mid-thirties with a BMI in the "normal" range. Fully dressed, I look quite slim...perhaps even skinny. Unfortunately, I have a disproportionate amount of fat on my lower abs and love handles. This area of fat is extremely resistant to diet and exercise. After reading about the Coolsculpting procedure, I thought it would be a good solution to my problem.

I had my love handles (both sides) done two months ago. The procedure itself was a bit uncomfortable, but essentially painless. After my treatment, the treated sites were red, and I had a bit of bruising for about a week.

Both the clinic and I took photos before the procedure and again at the two month mark. Sadly, both of our sets of photos confirm that there has been almost no change in either of the treated areas. In theory, the improvement is supposed to continue to accumulate for another couple of months. Realistically though, given the essentially non-existent results thus far, I'm not going to hold my breath for any miracles going forward.

Overall, my big concern with this treatment isn't just the lack of results I experienced. Even if I had gotten better results (i.e. the 20% reduction generally promoted), the typical price of treatments in my area ($550-$750 for the smaller applicator and $1250-$1500 for the larger applicator) makes this procedure fairly low value from a return on investment perspective. Although the treatments last an hour, they can be easily performed by a nurse (instead of a doctor) and actually applying the applicator only takes the doctor/nurse a few minutes of "hands-on" time. Therefore, the high cost seems difficult to justify (other than due to the fact that Coolsculpting is a novel procedure with no downtime).

Anyhow, I'm still not ready to get standard liposuction, so I guess I'll wait for the technology behind these non-invasive treatments to advance a bit further.

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