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Hi, So I have been thinking about a BA for a...


So I have been thinking about a BA for a very long time now and recently it has been a every day booboogling. I find that most ppl wish they could have went bigger and only a few people wish they went smaller. It gets confusing.

My stats are:

5.3 117lbs
starting off with 32A/34A
So I have already choosen a PS. I choose him based on his reviews and his work. I had two consult with him. I felt a comfortable with him and trust his expertise. Wish I could had more consult with other doctors before paying my my booking fees.

So we decided on 400 CC High Profile base on the pictures I showed him and the cup desire. I am a little bit scare of going to big and I think the 400's make me look top heavy. I am in between 350 to 400 cc. I have booked a pre-op for next week and will be making the final choose. As of tomorrow I am returning all the forms and making my payment.

So today I had my pre-op with the nurse. We went...

So today I had my pre-op with the nurse. We went over what was going to happen the day of surgery and a little bit post op instructions. We tried on sizer again. She brought in 400 & 450 cc. I kind of of like the way the 450 looked. I feel like I'm already having boobie greed. Anyways, I am staying in with the 400. My ps suggested that and I trust his opinion. I I thought it the 400 looked small under my clothes. I am sure it will suit my body. One more week to GO!

I also had a discussion on with the the nurse regarding the my doctor and his background. His dad is a surgeon too. I hope his reviews are as good as ppl say.

So this weekend I have been buying things for my...

So this weekend I have been buying things for my post-op care for after my surgery. I have broughts some cocoa butter lotion for stretch marks prevention ,steri-strips for incision, mederma, nipple petals, and silicone inserts. I still have a few more to get like bromelain and arnica gel and tablets.
Oh I plan on eating lots of pineapple too. I heard its good for healing.

I also brought a few sports bra. I got two sports bra at forever 21 in a large for $8. I also brought two medium nike sports bra for $23 each and the best find was underaromor sports bra zipup at Winners for $32. I was so happy to find that one because I have heard great reviews with the max support it give you.

So my BA is on Saturday and its starting to sink in that it's going to happen. This is a major change for myself. I'm starting to feel panicy. I know this is going to be hard emotionally especially with the slow process in healing and changing in the breast shape. Not to mention dealing with people in general especially negitive comments. I guess I will figure it out when the time comes.

As for now, I'm not sure how I am feeling.....

Things are starting to move along now. The PS...

Things are starting to move along now. The PS office has been contacting me in regards to the day of surgery. My script was also faxed to my pharmacy. I picked up my meds and boy was it alot. Did anyone else had to take meds prior to the surgery?? Also, I was prescribed two different pain meds. This is scary stuff. I'm starting to feel that I should have taken more days off.

Here are a list of my meds:

For Pain

30 mins before Surgery



All I have to do is wait for the nurse to call and comfirm what time I need to be at the clinic for.

I already have my surgery bag ready to go for Saturday.

There is one thing on my mind and I am a little concern about. My one breast looks smaller then the other and I'm just wondering if 400 is going to reflect that more once the silcones are in. I know that he is lowering my cease to fix the asymmetry, but not sure how going one size would fix the volume. Other then that I think I am ready.

Today is my surgery date. Still not sure how I am...

Today is my surgery date. Still not sure how I am feeling. I am sure once I sit there waiting it will sink in. I will update later if I can. I

Sorry it took me so long to update my profile. I...

Sorry it took me so long to update my profile. I have been very lazy. I am always exhausted and tired, so lots of sleeping for me.

So the day of the surgery I was taken in and took all my pills that the doctor required me to take prior to surgery. He came in and marked me. Went out my picture and took me in the OR. I then got put to sleep and work up thinking I had the best sleep in the world to pressure on my chest. I stayed in the recovery room for a few hours because my right breast had swollen up excessively. They wanted to monitor me just in case they had to bring me in OR and clean out the bleeding. Luckily, it did not swell up anymore then it did. I was then wheeled into my hotel room and the next morning the Dr. came and checked in on me. He said I was fine to go and to come back in a week.

I am stuck wearing this death strap which hurts my back. I was also instructed to massage my cleavage and push them together. Post op day 1 wasn't so bad. I had no pain and did not have to take an meds. I am just sore and stiff with a little bruising on my sides. Post op day 2 I just slept a lot. Did not have much energy at all to do much.

Today is Post op day 3 and I'm sitting here wondering when am I going to heal. I feel so slow and not even at 55%. Today I actually got to take a shower and finally got to take a full look at my new additions. They are HUGE!!! I definitely got some Franken boobs going on. Super high and tight. When will they become normal and are they going to get smaller. I do have lots of swelling especially on my right breast. I have become better at sleeping elevated but I sometime wish I can roll over on my side and just say there.

Post op day 5: Today I decided to go out to the...

Post op day 5:

Today I decided to go out to the mall. The best test was driving. Driving wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Instead of driving with one hand I had to keep my hand both at 2 and 10. I usually drive 45 mins to work so hopefully it will get better by Monday. The mall was tiring today. I had to walk very slow. I did try on some clothes. I tried on blazer in an XS and S and it doesn't fit over my chest anymore. Bummer since I work in the business industry. The Medium was way to big on my shoulder. I might be able to wear the S but can not button it up. I will give it more thought.

The progression on my breast has been slow. I do not see any changes today in appearances. However, they are feeling a bit softer. I get these stab of pains shooting though here and there but it goes away quickly. When does the frankenboobs go away??? After the swelling to do they get smaller? They do look like a full C in clothes. It gives me nicer curves too. Still not sure what to think yet. Other then that I have been drinking pineapple juice to help the swelling. I plan on taking Vit. C tomorrow and easing my way back to my daily routines.

It has been 2 weeks post op today. I am starting...

It has been 2 weeks post op today. I am starting to feel normal but still not totally feeling like myself.

The past week I have been going through an emotional rollarcoaster. I didn't realize how tough it is on your emtions. I thought I went to big and question why I did this. Its such a slow process in healing. But for the past two days I am fine.

Yesterday i got my sutures out. The nurse gave me the ok to massage and also the best news ever which is I don't have to wear the straps anymore. I was given a VS sports bra and told to wear its 24/7. Anything beter then the straps, I guess.

My right breast is still a little bigger but the nurse said that it should heal almost the same and the healing time will be longer for my right breast. Ohh.. I notice that I'm also lactosing which I read is pretty common in breast surgery.

Today my breast are super sore. I'm not sure if its because started wearing a sports bra or massaging. My right breast seems to hurt more in the morning. It tighten up alot. I hope its goes away tomorrow.

So here is the latest update on my progess in...

So here is the latest update on my progess in healing.

I will be currentl 1month OP tomorow. Who would have knew time would fly by. I remembe at week 1 & 2 I felt so down and drained. I didn't know having breast augmentation would take alot out of you mentally and physcially. So for those who are planning this, make sure you have your house in tact and also be prepared to have ups and downs. I only took 1 week off work but should have taken 2. The second week shoud be for mentally preparing to go back out into the world as a diffeent person.

So anyhow, week 3 seems to be alot of shooting pain in my breast. Then I notice at during half the week of week 3 my breast became extremely soft. I also notice my swelling has gone down alot and my breast seems smaller. They are aslo very squishy. All in all I do like the size and I am happy it suit my body very well. I haven't brought any new bra because when I tried bra fitting a 34d didn't fit me. I will give it some time for now and wait.

So I also saw my PS yesterday. I was worried about my right side being lower but he confirmed that I'm just dropping and said that my healing is fine. He seems very happy about his work on me and it was so positive to hear it coming from him that I am doing well and my breasts is perfect for it being in the early stages. I also got to see my incisions for the first time and they look fantastic. No puffiness and keloids forming. My PS instructed me to put vaseline on my incisions and to also keep massaging. It is a litle red around the cut. As for sleeping...I still sleep on my back. Since I wake up many times throughout the night sometimes I do try sleeping on my sides. I find that putting pillows on the side helps. For those who are not a back sleeper make sure you put a pillow under your legs. It really helps. Other then that I think I am happy with my results so far.

I brought a few bras this weekend. Two were non...

I brought a few bras this weekend. Two were non underwire at The Bay in a size 34C. I also got a few nice bras which I posted pictures of. I guess as right now I am a 34D/DD. I really hope they stay that size.

As for my healing I have been getting alot of aches lately. I started putting scar cream for my scar. Hoping they will heal in a lighter line. Guess it takes time. I really can't wait for D&F. I am curious to see what changes there will be in a years time from now.

I am very happy with my result and I have to say that I love them!
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