38 Yr Old 2 Kids Need a Good Doctor in Toronto Ot GTA. Toronto, ON

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I'm looking for a PS in Toronto Canada or the GTA....

I'm looking for a PS in Toronto Canada or the GTA. Anyone have a great result with liposuction to the abdomen and flanks? I don't know anyone who had had liposuction. I want something natural looking. Any advice would be apreciated. I am a mother of 2 who works out. I have a stomach and love handles that don't want to go away. I've always gained weight ther but after childbirth it had gotten worse. Thanks in advance RS! !!!

booked surgery

I booked my surgery for vaser lipo of the trunk area. I'm super excited but nervous about how long I'll be out of commission. I don't like being bedridden and I have small children. I'm a little worried as it is 5 days before Easter. I hope I can go out for Easter and not be in Too much pain.

can't stop eating!!

My surgery is less than a week away and i think I'm really anxious. I'm eating horribly and I'm not sure why. Did anyone else go through this? I feel so guilty, i think I've gained about 5 pounds since my consultation. I hope that doesn't affect my results. I keep making excuses to eat..


Ok tommorow I go in for liposuction. Wish me luck. Here are some unflattering pics. The lights were way too bright. I seriously need this surgery lol


Ok so I'm home from my liposuction procedure. Not too much pain at all. I know the first day isn't so bad. I've been up and around with my kids. I really feel ok. So glad I did this. Can't wait to see how I look. Unfortunately I can't take this garment and foam off for 3 days. So gross as I am leaking like crazy. Can't wait until this stops. I will post pics as soon as I get this off which will be Saturday. Cannot wait. Dr. Khanna and staff were great..

post op day 1

Ok so last night I didn't sleep well because Tylenol 3 has caffeine in it? Wtf? That's really weird so I didn't fall asleep until 3 am! Not doing that tonight. Forget about napping today unless I switch to extra strength Tylenol. I most likely will because I don't think the pain is too bad. The annoying part of this recovery is the oozing from one incision. The nurse says it's totally normal and just to be patient. So far so good. Just waiting for Saturday so I can take this garment and foam off and have a shower and actually see what is going on underneath!!! I'll take some pics then:)

before pics

another before

finally removed my garment

I was able to remove my garment and foam today and have a shower it was great to be able to get that foam off. Taking off the garment made me feel faint and I almost passed out. The results looked good this morning but as the day goes on I feel and look swollen hoping that will pass soon. The pain is ok. Mostly I am uncomfortable and very itchy. I'm On Day 3 and feel like I'm healing quickly. The doctor said they removed 1900 cc so I think that is almost 2 litres:) wow. Here are some pics from this morning right after I removed my garment.

post day 3

Here are the pics from day 3 post op in the morning

day 6 post op

This is day 6 post op. Feeling good but the right side is bigger then left. Hope it's swollen


Im 9 days post op and super swollen. i did a 9 hr shift at work on my feet and i am paying for it now. its kind of depressing i feel better and now i fee; like i just moved 3 steps backwards. Does anyone know how long the swelling lasts. I don't mind a bit but today was brutal. I guess i should drink more water? any tips on how to reduce the swelling quickly? Thanks... any help would be great


So I'm 17 days post lipo and did a lymphatic drainage massage. It was really wonderful. I felt amazing after and it really helped with swelling. My body is starting to feel a little more normal. I have a few hard spots and quite a bit of rippling. I will post pics. Does anyone have that and does it go away? I'm worried about that because my stomach does jot look good

3 months post op

It's been 3 months since my vaser lipo of the trunk area. I feel good my flanks are a bit tender still and a little bit hard. I am definitely curvier but still have a bit of fat that I wished I had removed. I'm happy with the overall results and even my bum has a much better shape. I still swell by the end of day but overall the swelling is better. My scars are taking some time to fade and I am going away in 2 weeks so I may get a 1 piece as my tummy is a little lumpy and soft. I had 2 children so I know that's why and i didnt want a tummy tuck. I don't have an 18 yr old stomach but I'm not 18 lol.
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