Labiaplasty After a Long Wait - Toronto, ON

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I've been wanting this surgery since I was 13 and...

I've been wanting this surgery since I was 13 and I'm now in my late twenties. I consulted a gynecologist in my hometown but was told that I'd only be able to have it done privately. I'm flying in to see Dr. Jungenburg from out of province and recovering in a hotel.

My issue is that my labia are long. I have to tuck them up in order to be comfortable. I'm uncomfortable in anything but skirts and dresses. They get very dry and stick to underwear or pads when I go for walks. I often need seek out public washrooms just to readjust. Sex can be painful because my labia get pushed inside if I'm not careful.

From browsing though other reviews on here I think a wedge labiaplasty would suit me best but it will depend on what the doctors recommends. I don't feel that nervous going into this, I'm mostly excited to be finally getting it done!

The Consultation

I'm seeing Dr. Jungenburg this afternoon for a consultation. I'm a bit nervous not knowing what his recommendations will be along with how my outcome will be on Wednesday. There's only a couple days for me to explore Toronto before I'm stuck in bed recovering. I'm staying in a hotel with a fridge so I'll be able to store ice easily but I'll need to buy some ice packs.

I'll update later on how it goes!

Post Consult

My consultation went well. I was hoping to have a wedge labiaplasty done but, while that is something Dr. Jungenburg does, he recommended I have a trim labiaplasty instead. I'm fine with that. He doesn't show before and afters of labiaplasty on the website but he was able to show me some during the consult. They looked good to me.

I have all my prescriptions read, ice packs in my freezer, easy to eat food in my fridge, and a stack of books. Now I just have to wait!

The Surgery!

I've taken two percocets and feel a bit too sedated to write up a thorough account of my procedure, but here are pictures taken 3 hours after. The aftercare says "Although you may be curious, do not try to look at your incision." so I haven't had a close look, just had a few photos taken when I took off the pad to pee.

Surgery Story

At my consultation Dr. Jungenburg asked me if I had anxiety and I said yes so he prescribed Lorazepam in addition to two painkillers. I was given prescriptions for Oxycodone x 45, Tylenol #3 x 30, 1 mg. Lorazepam x 10. Since I'm from out of province I had to pay for prescriptions out of pocket. The total cost was $50.87 ($15.58 Tylenol #3, $21.05 Oxycodone, $14.24 Lorazepam).

My surgery was supposed to be at 5 PM yesterday. I phoned in in the morning just to double-check the appointment time and was told that the surgery had been moved to 8 PM and I should come in at 7. I was glad I called because I wouldn't have known otherwise. I wore cotton underwear, minimally elastic leggings, and a soft cotton dress so that there would not be much rubbing on my labia on the trip home. I took one Lorazepam at 7 but in retrospect I should have take more throughout the day and even the night before to help me sleep.

I got to the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute at 7 and filled out two sets of consent forms. I was also given two pages of aftercare which I'm posting up to show other people what's expected. I developed a migraine and upset stomach that evening from stress but I really couldn't cancel. A nurse at the clinic gave me medication for that but I still felt really sick during all of it. At 8 I was taken to little office where I changed into a gown, sterile booties and hair cap, as well as a dressing gown to stay warm while I waited. A nurse talked to me briefly but mostly I hung out in a chair reading magazines. A different nurse came in to check on me periodically and offered me water and chocolate.

At 9 I was taken in to the operating room and told to lie down on my back with my legs on little platforms on either side. It felt a lot like going to the gyno. There was upbeat electronic music playing in the room. I had a towel put on my stomach which obscured my view of everything. The nurse gave me a toy shaped like lips to squeeze during the procedure, the glamorous equivalent of biting the bullet! Dr. Jungenburg gave me a mirror to hold while he drew on the surgical markings and confirmed I was happy with them. Next came the freezing injections which were the most painful part of the whole thing. I couldn't really see what was happening but the 'trimming" only took about 10 minutes and all I could feel was a slight tugging. After that I could see him stitching me up. Polysporin was applied to my labiaplasty and pad was placed on my vulva which I held in place while escorted to a recovery room. All of my clothes had been brought here and once I put on underwear the pad was held in place and I could get dressed normally. It was 9:25 by this point and I was told to rest in the bed for 10 mins.

As I was walking back to the lobby Dr. Jungenburg reminded me when to take the pain medication, which was as soon as I got back to my hotel. I took 2 Percocets when I got there and felt zero didn't feel any pain until I woke up at 6 and definitely needed to take more.

Today I'm just hanging out in my hotel room, trying not to spread my legs further than hip width apart and generally taking it easy. It burns a bit when pee touches the labia. After peeing I pour a cup of warm water over my vulva and that takes the sting away then I pat it gently with a towel. I've been wearing cloth menstrual pads because I'm still bleeding a little. I don't think the swelling has really started yet and otherwise I feel pretty normal today. :)

Aftercare Instructions

The bruising begins

I'm about 20 hours post-surgery and I'm stating to look bruised. I'm flying home on the 24 which will be the 4th day after. I'm hoping I'll be OK then.

48 hours

So it's been 48 hours since surgery and I'm finally allowed to shower. I've had a migraine since before my surgery which I think is the result of stress (which happens with me). I was throwing up all this morning but T3s, lots of water, and distractions have helped.

I'm getting some stinging but it's not too bad. I'm going to be travelling for around 10 hrs. tomorrow which I'm a little nervous about. Won't be able to ice myself during that time.

Days Later

I'm off Oxycodone and on to Tylenol #3. When I woke up this morning I wasn't on any painkillers and, while I felt some discomfort, it was only about a 3/10 on the pain scale. On Tylenol #3s the pain is managed except for some "zaps". The zaps feel like the kind you get waking up a foot that's fallen asleep.

I managed a travelling yesterday by getting a cab to the airport, and borrowing a wheelchair so I didn't have to walk around much. I probably should have booked more recovery time in Toronto it was alright. I have been tired while recovering and slept on the plane.

My labia minora had a Y-shape and I'm really curious to see how Dr. Jungenburg dealt with that. It's hard to describe but my labia minora began in the clitoral hood and below the clitoris and then met together. It's too swollen to see much now and I don't want to pull at the area.

I will post pictures soon!


I'm at 5 days post and still (unsurprisingly) swollen. The pain I'm getting now feels like stinging and itching, rather than the ache I had earlier. I've tried going without T3s and the stinging does get to me. Urine makes the incisions burn so I'm still rinsing off with warm water and patting with a towel after I pee.

I know from looking on here that it can take a long time for the final result to show up so I'm trying not to worry. I had two incidences of spotting yesterday but other than that I think it's going well.

Day 6

Big improvement overnight! It's harder to photograph the labia with my legs hip width apart (the max. I am supposed to have them apart for the first 2 wks) because my labia minora is no longer an "outie". The incision still looks very bumpy but hopefully it will flatten out as the swelling goes down.

Tomorrow will be one week post-surgery and I should be allowed to go for longer walks. I'm still taking it easy and icing myself though.

Day 8

I'm 8 days post and I still feel very much like I'm recovering.

It looks like a the incision has opened in a small area and I've had some drainage or possibly blood. I'm not too concerned but I will try to be less active for a little while. I went to a doctor's appointment recently (for something else) have been cooking a bit so maybe that's been too much activity.

The swelling is going down though and I'm off painkillers. :)

Day 9

This is me with feet hip's width apart and you can barely see my labia minora. I won't be able to get a good look at it until I'm more healed. From what I can see it's a bit bumpy but that might be swelling around the stitches.

The Gynecologist I saw a few months ago would not do a labiaplasty, discouraged me from pursuing one, and wanted me to look through one of those books showing the enormous variation in the appearances of vulvae. I know that everyone's body is different. I've been looking at photo-sets like that in books and online since my early teens (along with before and after pictures on plastic surgery websites). I still think labiaplasty was the right choice and I feel lucky I was able to have it done. :)

Day 10

I found a better angle so more of the healing area is visible. The incision itself looks quite bumpy and I'm not sure that the result of residual swelling. It seems likely considering there is still bruising on my hood.

Day 13

I walked to a cafe 2 blocks away this morning and felt pretty sore afterwards. I think I need to wait a bit longer. No bleeding, just some irritation so I iced the area.

Two Weeks

20 days post

No pictures right now because I have a yeast infection. A nurse from the clinic recommended I take the oral yeast infection medication fluconazole rather than the insertable tabs (as I'm still healing). The treatment was just one pill.

Honestly I think I ignored some of the symptoms (discharge, itching, etc.) because I thought it was part of the healing process. I'd noticed these increasing for probably a week before I started treating it. Not ideal but I'm nearly better now.

32 days

I'm past the 4 week mark! Still avoiding pants because the rubbing is irritating, plus holding off on exercise and sex until the 6 week mark. There's still a stitch near my clitoris that's visible but it should go away soon. Other than that I feel pretty normal.


I'm still noticing improvements in the appearance every week. Plus I can wear skinny jeans without discomfort. It's still a novelty not to have to "tuck" in my labia to feel comfortable. :)

Better Picture

I think this picture shows the result a bit better. You can see the Y-shape of my labia, where the hood skin meets the labia below the clitoris, is still there. My labia are asymmetrical but that's just how my anatomy is and not a result of the surgery.

Honestly I wish I'd done this at 18!
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