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I've done a ton of research on this procedure and...

I've done a ton of research on this procedure and have been considering it for years! I finally had a consult today with Dr. Wanzel in Toronto, ON. He was very friendly and I felt very comfortable discussing the procedure with him. The only thing I REALLY need help/opinions on is whether I should be getting a labiaplasty AND clitorial unhooding done at the same time. Dr. Wanzel does not perform clitorial unhooding and says it is an unnecessary risk .. but I'm worried after having the labiaplasty and my labia minora reduced, my clitorial hood is going to look huge! PLEASE HELP AND GIVE ME OPINIONS!

Thank you!!


i figured this would be helpful for some people, I've done a ton of research, So heres the run down of what I know.. (these are just based on MY research and MY thoughts from what I've read)..

Toronto Cosmetic Clinic aka TCC - specifically Dr Giannoulius : HORRIBLE reviews, ie botched labiaplastys

Plastic Surgery Clinic - specifically Dr Lista : Good reviews, price range $3900-$4900, free consultation however not for at least 1-2 months for consult (probably because he is good+free consults are rare)

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute - Dr Jugenburg : great reviews, some negative simply because of his demeanor and rushing through consults a bit (this could be specific to a few times it happened not everytime) he has great results though from what I've seen .. approx $3500

Mendia Medical Group- Dr Gerber has pretty good reviews from what I've seen, I haven't done a ton of research on him so I cant say a lot but from what I have come across its been all positive. approx $4000 . NOTE: he isnt a plastic surgeon but rather a gynecologist (not saying this is a bad thing just I wanted a board certified plastic surgeon personally)

Dr Wanzel : (WHO I CHOSE) so I could not find a negative review on him, he does not perform hoodectomy aka clitoral reduction and will not touch the clitoral area because he feels its an unnecessary risk.. he charges just under $3000 which is awesome and hes very easy to talk to/nice/comfortable to be around

Dr Leila Kasrai : (I also really considered her) however she requires a referral and seems very difficult to get ahold of which was a turn off for me.. I left two messages and emailed and never heard back. She does perform hoodectomy or clitoral reduction and uses multiple laibiaplasty methods, shes popular and has good reviews online.. but like I said I'd expect a bit of a wait time for a consult

Hope this helps!

Diagram for Labiaplasty


Hey everyone!

So I originally planned on going with Dr Wanzel, a board certified plastic surgeon in Toronto. I paid $113 for the consult and although he was very kind /comfortable to talk to, I keep feeling very anxious and worried about the fact he will not do hoodectomy or touch the skin around the clitoral area... I'm so worried once having the labia minora reduced ill be left with a huge looking clit and have to go for a second procedure aka hoodectomy. I'm also frustrated because I have to pay the full amount to ensure my spot with Dr Wanzel in three days and when I emailed his office two days ago about my concerns I never heard back... :(

So... I decided to seek a second opinion, I was trying to get in with Dr Leila Kasrai but the wait time is a little too long for me (about a month just for a consult). Anyways, just on time I received on time I received an email from Dr Gerber at Meridi Medical Group... he isn't a plastic surgeon which (as i posted above) always concerned me so I didn't really look into him or his work to be honest... however they offered me a consult within a week so I decided to take a look at his work/procedure technique. I'm pretty impressed to say the least!! I like that he posts a lot of before/after pictures PLUS he does hoodectomy.. woohoo.. I am booking a consult for next week and even was offered a procedure date within two weeks of the consult if I decide to move forward. I am super excited and all my emails have been answered so quickly by his nurses.

I'll keep everyone updated !


Hello! So I got my second opinion from Dr Gerber and have decided to go with him! Despite having a positive experience with Dr Wanzel in the consult I just feel so much more at ease after talking to Dr Gerber, here is why:
- he took longer to talk with me in the consult
- he immediately discussed all areas including my clitoral hood (which has been a huge concern for me) without me even mentioning it
- he told me it was a perfectly fine size just it droops a bit low which we can fix later if after this procedure it still bothers me, I was satisfied with that answer
- He pointed out exactly where needles would be used and where cuts would begin/end on my labia minora
- the whole time during the physical examination I was watching on a monitor so I had a clear idea of what he was talking about
- the physical examination was about 5 minutes versus Dr Wanzel who looked for about 30 seconds (seriously, not even exaggerating)
- the whole time Dr Gerber was asking how i felt about and my opinions
- After doing the physical examination he proceeded to explain the whole procedure to me and after care
- he then showed me similar photos of other patients before/after
- Dr Gerber books 2 1/2 hours for the procedure versus Dr Wanzel only books 1 hour for the procedure which also concerned me a bit .. what if he has to rush??
- Dr Gerber will see me three times after the procedure to make sure everything is healing well.. Dr Wanzel only planned on seeing me once
- Finally, Dr Wanzel doesn't remove stitches he allows them to dissolve which I hear means a longer recovery period and more pain... Dr Gerber removes them after 4 days..

I was SO happy with this consult and fee completely at ease, actually super excited about my procedure which by the way is only a few days away!! He managed to book me in within a week of my consult. I will be paying $4000 (because im paying cash) which is $1800 more then Dr Wanzel but I have no problem paying more since I truly feel Dr Gerber is the best choice :)


SOOO I had my procedure done three days ago, here is my experience..

I wasn't all that nervous waiting to go into the procedure, more so excited. Once i got into the procedure room and I was sitting in the chair the nerves started.. I was mostly nervous for the needles, which are used to numb the area, since I heard thats the most painful part! So my doctor (DR GERBER) came in and he began my cleaning the area, meanwhile I was watching all of this on a monitor beside me. He then covered the surrounding area (the area around my vagina, aka my butt and above and the sides) with a paper and taped it down, with a hole showing just my vagina. Then he began marking with lines down my labia minora where the cuts would be made (I had the trim method) he asked if I felt this looked okay and was what I wanted. After that we did the needles for the one side.. his nurse (CECILLE) was SO kind, she held my hand! So the needles (for me) were NOT as bad as I thought they would be.. only one spot was really sensitive and I definitely squealed. So then the procedure begins, the only thing I felt during the procedure was at one point when he was cutting (yes cutting like I think with scissors) I wasnt numb enough in one little spot and I actually felt the cutting .. it makes me sick to think about right now actually, it wasnt like excruciating, I just wasnt numb enough, so I let him know right away (obviously) and he numbed it more with another needle (which I didnt feel at all really) and then it continued. I just distracted myself with my phone the whole time because I really didnt want to think about what was really going on down there! He removed he excess skin and stitched up the one side.. and yes you do know what stage hes onto like I could somewhat see his hand movements so I knew when he was stitching me up but you dont feel any pain so its definitely hard to explain! Anyways, then he moved onto the other side (exact same thing with the needles, there was one sensitive spot) and this side I was definitely all numb and I felt nothing! :) Towards the end I knew the freezing was wearing off, like when he was rubbing the antibiotic cream on me and he was kind of re-checking the stitches it was getting somewhat painful but frankly I didn't want more needles I just wanted it to be over with! Well... I probably should have let him know, because after all said and done I'm sitting there with an ice pack on my vagina, alone in the room and I definitely started to feel the pain.. I was somewhat dopey from a pill they gave me before surgery and at the same time somewhat numb down there but I just felt very overwhelmed by everything and I started feeling pain down there and discomfort , especially holding the ice on it, and then all I wanted was my mom lol :( Andddd the water works began.. haha so then then Cecille the nurse came in and right away concerned she gave one of my pain pills for post surgery and then she grabbed Dr Gerber who was also concerned. (Not that something was wrong really, I could just tell they were empathetic and they cared that I was uncomfortable) so I tried to hold it together. Anyways he checked down there again said it looked good and don't worry it will be okay. I iced for maybe 10 more minutes then I was ready to leave.. THANK GOD my surgery was on a saturday (my doctor and nurse were so kind they came in outside of office hours because im flying home in two weeks and he wanted to get me in ASAP) the reason I say thank god was I was really light headed, crying and looked like a hot mess! I would have been humiliated if people were in the waiting room when I walked out. SO, the nurse Cecille walked me all the way down the hallway, we went down in the elevator and she went outside to find my mom who was waiting in the car just down the street. Cecille was SO sweet, I'm so thankful for her being there and helping so much. Anyways, my mom helped me to the car and at this point, I was in even more pain then before... least to say the car ride home was a blur and it was painful, I felt every single bump and I really wish I would have brought a pillow to sit on. I just thought like most people I would still be frozen down there till I got home... Guess its different for everyone! Once home I went straight to bed and yes it was very uncomfortable. The next nearly 24 hours were mostly sleeping, hobbling to the bathroom and then back to bed. The next day however I was kind of hobbling around the house, I would go downstairs and lay down there watching tv for a few hours then hobble back upstairs to bed.. Its been like this for the past two days now. I'm not in extreme pain by any means. Its more so uncomfortable and the odd time I get like a sharp pain I think letting me know I'm walking/moving too much... (Im so stubborn I hate having people do everything for me I feel useless haha!) so I take at most two of my pain pills in 24hrs.. (one in the morning and one at bedtime) but the first 24hrs I think I took 3 or 4 . I wash the area in the bath (like literally get in the bath for 3 min maybe) quickly wash the area (very gently!!) with unscented soap and apply Vaseline or my antibiotic cream about 4 or 5 times a day. I also am on an oral antibiotic which I take 4 times a day. I take pictures everyday of the area which I'm going to upload .. I really hope this is looking normal for post op because I think I look like Frankenstein, like my vagina got put through a meat grinder, and the one side is way more swollen pushing the other side down... also my clit is SO SWOLLEN and kind of hard... but I dont have extreme pain just some itchiness and like the odd time I said I get pain, so I THINK this seems normal..... I'm also barely bleeding or oozing or anything which I think is a good sign?? HECK IF I KNOW! But i see my doctor tomorrow to get the stitches out which I swear I'm more scared of then I was for the procedure because I hear this is SO painful but results in faster healing time so its worth it. Hopefully he says it all looks good, fingers crossed. I'll post another update after I see him! Xo


Hello again! So I'm on day 5! yesterday i had my stitches removed (my doctor removes them on day 4 rather then allow them to dissolve) which i love by the way because i'm in SO much less pain and discomfort, i feel pretty good!! can't believe i'm only on day 5! i did have one little "hole" from a stitch being removed which should just heal on its own (in fact its already smaller) and my swelling has gone down SOOO much. My doctor was actually a bit concerned when he saw me yesterday only because my clitoris was so swollen, so i see him again tomorrow and i think he will be very impressed! mwaha .. anyways he did say my actual labia minora is healing great and looks good. My only concern is that my clitoris (now that its less swollen) seems quite exposed... ** i did not have a hoodectomy ps .. so yah i might mention that tomorrow at my appointment. Its not painful but it is sensitive .. you can see it in my photo i uploaded. anyways overall im doing great! fingers crossed it continues like this :)

Over 3 weeks post op

Hi everyone!
So I'm a little over three weeks post op, I'm feeling completely back to normal and everything seems to have healed really well. I'm still not exercising just doing daily activities like walking the dog, housework, etc. I think the skin is still healing it feels a little bumpy still around the incision site. I look down there a lot haha and I'm happy but I do worry my doctor took too much off.. I could be totally over thinking it, I personally think it looks good but I worry maybe I could have a bit more on there for protection? Honestly maybe I'm just used to my old labia that hung so this is still so foreign to me! I attached photos so I'd love some honest opinions? Please be kind and sensitive though -
I think a test of whether its all good will also be sex, I hope theres no pain and my orgasms havent been affected at all, I'll keep you guys updated! Xo
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