IPL - Worth Every Penny for Facial Redness/veins and Hyperpigmentation

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I'm currently on my third IPL treatment for...

I'm currently on my third IPL treatment for facial redness/veins and hyper pigmentation, I'm expecting to have 4 treatments. I'm very pleased with the results so far and would recommend IPL when done with the right machinery, strength and practitioner.

For my first appointment I opted not to use numbing cream as I heard it can make IPL slightly less effective on red areas....Big mistake, IPL hurt a lot, it was quite unbearable at times but was quick to fade when the laser was removed. I've used the numbing cream before my last two treatments and it makes the procedure a breeze, it hardly hurts a bit so the cream is a must!! I have my whole face treated and it takes about 40 minutes to a hour, aside from the pain the whole experience is simple and quick. My face is a little pink for about a hour after IPL and the black flecks start immediately and darken throughout the day. The black flecks can be unsightly at first as some can be scabby looking making them hard to cover with makeup. I've put up with worse for beauty so it's something I can live with, they start to flake off after a few days and are usually gone after a week.

Post treatment discomfort is low, a little burning sensation that is easily relieved with creams or ice packs. I use refrigerated Avene 'Cicalfate' cream and thermal water after my treatments, it makes my skin feel very soothed and I it helps with the healing.

I had noticeable results after the first treatment, a overall bright look, less redness and freckles. I had incredible results after the third treatment, nearly all the pigmentation I wanted to fade is gone, the redness around my nose/cheeks is near vanishing and I've noticed other benefits like smaller pores and reduced blackheads.

I'll update my review after the 4th treatment.

Bay dermatology centre

Friendly and professional, happy to answer questions and provided a lot of information voluntary. They have the latest equipment and experienced practitioners.

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