A Guy Who Tried 3 Laser Hair Removal Treatments and Received Patchy Legs+butt - Toronto, ON

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I went to a clinic in toronto canada, 'cause I...

I went to a clinic in toronto canada, 'cause I wanted to reduce the hair in my body or remove it all. But instead, I ruined my body-hair and made it look bad and abnormal. I have patchy legs and butt. Areas shaped like circles that have no hair or small hair that is growing slowly while the rest of my skin has many hairs. I wonder if my body will ever look normal. Shaving is pointless cuz my skin is super sensitive and hair grows fast. Doing more laser treatments will only make things worse cuz there will always be hair that will come back in part of the skin while others will grow slowly or might not come back at all. Therefore, we would be doing painful laser sessions our whole lives 'cuz our bodies need hair. Nowadays, i'm trying bition, coffee grounds, green tea, omega-3, apple vinegar sider to help my hair body to return to normal or atleast look normal again. I hope few hairs will grow in some areas. The laser reduced the hair in a bad way.
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