Green Peel for Texture and Acne Breakouts - Painful, Expensive, but Worth It - Toronto, ON

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I chose to do a green peel for my skin texture and...

I chose to do a green peel for my skin texture and periodic breakouts that still occur even though I am aproaching 30 yr. My main concern was texture of skin. After breaking out on and off for years my skin texture was not smooth and i had some mild /moderate scars on my cheeks/ side of face and enlarged pores (oily skin).

I had 2 peels done between Oct-Dec, and i will continue to do more. The results are visible after the first one but u need more than one to actually see a better result. After my second peel i was excited to see it was even better than the first one. But that goes for almost any procedure. Microderms might be cheaper but you still need a package to see a result and it is much different than the green peel.

The only problem with the green peel is that you need the 5 days off. Your skin is dry crusty, full of face products given and you need to be at home.(when the skin peels it is scary..but b patient u will b fine)

The procedure is alittle painfull and expensive but no pain no gain! The reason some people are not getting a result is probably due to the way the product was massaged on to the skin, the pressure applied and the duration it was massaged for, as well as the experience the therapist has. All of these are important factors.

My therapist did an excellent job as she rubbed quite aggressively in areas that needed more attention and this is where my skin peeled more hence better result. I can already see when i put makeup on its so much smoother!

A few tips for those with active acne...Change your diet to NO SUGAR,NO WHITE CARBS, NO DAIRY, NO MEAT (on occasion hormone freee meat) NO MARGARINE, NO VEGETABLE OIL, NO FRIED FOODS....DRINK LOTS OF WATER, plenty of sleep, don't stress, try to walk for atleast 1 hr per day, dont overwash your face. Drink pure vegetable juice(homemade through your juicer cucumber carrott, kale celery & so on. I gaurantee u will see a change in a few months...give it a try and i know it will work as long as u are strict and follow 100% for atleast 2 months.

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