Double Eyelid Surgery - Toronto, ON

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I had undergone double eyelid surgery about 4...

I had undergone double eyelid surgery about 4 months ago and the eyelids looked uneven the moment stitches were taken out. My right eyelid seemed bigger and very unnatural looking, my surgeon said this was due to the steri-strips that had been left post-surgery and the eyelids would even out later on. After 2 months I did see a big reduction in swelling in both eyes and the surgery scars slowly fading but my right eyelid fold was still larger in comparison to the left and gave me a lazy eye look. Today at 4 months I notice the fold of my right eyelid is still much larger and in certain angles does not fold completely near the medial side of the eye. My eyes look very uneven, could this be a problem with the muscle of the eye or the healing process?
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