Coolsculpting of the dreaded Double Chin! (42 yr old)

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Over the last couple of years, I have noticed my...

Over the last couple of years, I have noticed my double chin getting noticeably worse. It is partially hereditary and partially due to weight gain, but 100% horrible! I have gone for consultations for chin lipo, kybella and coolsculpting and have been told that I have great skin elasticity, so I would be a good candidate for any of these procedures. I cannot afford the downtime of the chin lipo (I also had a terrible stomach lipo experience which left me lumpy and do not want to take the risk of that happening to my face!) and was turned off of Kybella when I read about the long-lasting bullfrog effect that lasted up to 3 weeks in some patients. Coolsculpting seemed like the most reasonably priced and least invasive option, so I finally got up the nerve and went for it!
The technician decided on 2 plates for me, which overlapped in the middle to give double to freeze to the area where I am the thickest. Each cycle took 45 minutes. The initial suction is a bit surprising and the freezing is slightly uncomfortable, but in about 6-8 minutes I was totally numb I can honestly say that I did not have any pain at all. (I should note that I do have a high tolerance for pain) The most uncomfortable thing is that it is a bit hard to swallow while the attachment is on, but as long as you stay calm (she told me some people panic and rip the machine off!) the discomfort fades and I actually napped, so the time passed very quickly.
Once the cycle is over, the technician removed the attachment, so it pulled a little. Then she massages the area and you feel it start to warm up. It's a little like when you are outside on a cold winter's day and your toes or fingers freeze and then you go inside and they start to warm up again.
After I was done, my neck was pretty red, but since it was a cold day, I threw a scarf around my neck and went about my day and no one noticed. Now that I am home (about 5 hours later), I notice that I am a little bruised in the shape of the applicator. Since I have a dinner tonight, I put some cover-up on the bruise and it doesn't show. It is a little swollen and definitely numb. It is tender if you touch it (feels like a bruise), but otherwise I don't notice it. I am due for a follow up in 8 weeks and then 16 weeks and she will take pictures to show me my progression. I will update if there are any changes in what I am feeling. Pictures to follow. Let's hope for great results!!

Before pictures

Here is what my profile looked like BEFORE the treatment. For some reason, I am only able to upload one picture at a time...

Before CS

This is my profile while I look down before CS

The Tecnician used 2 side applicators

Day 2: slight swelling and bruising

The area is still numb. It is slightly swollen, but not too noticeable. There is some bruising in the shape of the applicator, but it is easily covered up with makeup

Day 4...nothing?

So I am on day 4 and I am a little concerned. From everything I ready, I was expecting some pain, a zapping sensation, internal itching, etc. I have NONE of those. My double chin area is still numb, but I have zero pain. I hope the lack of pain does not mean it didn't work! Fingers & toes still crossed for a great result...

Progress? One month update

Well, as promised, here are the photos of my 1 month post CS treatment. The other day, one of my friends said that she noticed less bulk under my chin. If I am being honest, I don't see a whole lot of improvement BUT the technician did say that it would take 6 weeks to 3 months for the full result. So I will continue to be patient & optimistic for a good result. I will post again in about month to show if there has been any improvement or not.

Progress?? One month update

Waste of money in my case

Well, I was hopeful that Coolsculpting would be the solution for me, but as you can see, there really hasn't been any noticeable improvement in my profile. I have read and seen some great results from CS, but in my case, it simply did not work. I am glad that I did not commit to more than one session, so I have "only" wasted $1500. Too good to be true in my case...I will now be consulting for either lipo and/or a mini lift, which I will have to start saving for...
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