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I cannot believe the clinic I used for this...

I cannot believe the clinic I used for this procedure did not warn me of the pain that occurred post treatment. The pitch at the clinic using a very generic " pain tolerance differs in everyone". It almost seems like a legal loophole by using that statement because the pain felt after treatment was definitely not a "no downtime" discomfort.

I had 3 applicators on my abdomen and love handles area done at the same time over a period of approx. 3-4 hours. The initial application of the applicator was the most uncomfortable part with intense freezing pain but it only lasts a few minutes, after which the area is so numbed that you cant feel a thing . That was the most pleasant part in the whole experience. The pain really started coming in after the next day and it got progressively worse during the 3rd - 8th day. 7th,8th day being the worst of all. If anyone had ever had MAstitis during pregnancy , it felt exactly that way. The whole area felt like it was constantly being cut by razor blades. The "slicing" pain comes intermittendly every few seconds. Wearing any clothing was difficult. Every brush by the fabric of your clothing creates the cutting pain. Not to mention the numbness and itch. On the 5th day, I looked like I was 5 months pregnant which I expected and was not bothered. What really bothered me was, if I had to work, I would not have been able to go into the office for 8 hours a day post treatment. So, to me, that "no downtime" is false marketing. It's just that they used the line of " everyone's reaction is different" that they are able to get away with it.

The results were evident by the end of the one month and I lost weight during that 10 days (by default) just because I had no appetite and could not sleep from the pain. Although they do indemnify themselves by stating this is not a weight loss program. I did lose the buldge quite a bit but I won't do it again just out of principals that the clinic did not forewarn clients that the pain I experienced could potentially happen.
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