Breast Reduction Scheduled for Tomorrow - Toronto, ON

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I have always wanted a breast reduction as far as...

I have always wanted a breast reduction as far as I can remember. Whenever I take pictures I either Photoshop my boobs to be smaller or stand behind someone so the picture doesn’t show how big my breasts are.
I’ve always joked around about a breast reduction but got serious when I got past 40. I didn’t want to be 60 and have to lug these around. I saw 3 plastic surgeons until I found the one I think(Hope) is the right decision. I haven’t slept in 3 days and my nerves are shot. Will update through my journey.
I have lived on these boards for the last couple months and they have helped me so much reading as many surgery updates as possible. I probably would have bailed if it wasn’t for the many positive updates.
Current size: 38DDD. Hoping to go down to a Full B or small C.
My Plastic surgeon says he doesn’t use sizes are they are all different. A "c" cup which I’m thinking could be different than what he’s thinking. He said he will make my breast proportionate to my body size. I am so nervous about this. What if they are still huge??
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